Connection between players is hit or miss

First of all I’m running 2x sc6000m’s and 2xlc6000’s and an x1850. I’m having an issue where players don’t always communicate with each other. When attempting to fuzzy mix sometimes only the right/left sc and lc will be communicating the key with each other. Other times all three other decks tracks will pop up when attempting to fuzzy key mix to ask which song to fuzzy mix to. Other times the key won’t change at all when holding down key sync. Has anyone else had this issue or know a solution?

Try running a library optimization and see if that improves the speed.

Why have you posted the same thing three times?

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I was wondering that.

I’m not posting the answer three times

One question three different topics because this is is having to do with the mixer and the players and just asking in general. Do you have some pertinent info to share?

Yeah not gonna happen. Removed the other two as this one has all the replies.

I think we’ve all seen this. Sometimes booting in a particular order helps, but not always. Not as a possible workaround tbh.

So the other decks are not following the lead deck in those circumstances?

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I always boot the mixer first, then the main drive deck, then the other sc. I’ll have the deck playing set as the lead then go to the other side either the sc or lc to change the fuzzy key by holding key sync. Sometimes nothing would happen and sometimes it will set the key to fuzzy match the deck that’s not playing on the same side.

I use the same boot sequence. Seems to be the best for Engine Connect.

I’ll try to check, but don’t have room to place some extra decks… I think Mufasa might see the same issue when using 4 players. It might already been reported to devs.

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Yeah it’s a lottery with Engine connect.

Last night even with two players, I had to restart both units.

With 4 physical players the best I have achieved is 3 players connected properly.

I don’t think I have noticed any improvement irrespective of start up sequence.

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What do you think is the cause? Hardware production variations due to chip shortages in the past 3 years?

Probably it is but be sure engine connect is activated on the mixer

Not my problem, I was asking mufasa for his opinion.

I’m not sure what the cause is.

Network engineers …where art thou?

I’m one, but I presume all is connected to the mixer’s ethernet switch. So Engine Connect should work on there anyway.

If using a separate network switch, be sure to not block multicast etc. If Hue, Sonos, Ring is not working, it’s always multicast block (which is normal in an enterprise environment btw).

As you know, it’s consistently inconsistent for me.

Same. I have these problems pretty often and it seems that this isn’t a high priority problem for them to fix. The “reboot your device” answer is a simple enough workaround, though it is annoying for sure

Especially if you’re running lighting. I have found to get lighting to run properly again after a reboot you have to also shutdown the mixer and the other players. If your in the middle of a gig or a stream this is more then annoying, it kills the whole vibe. I would hope this would be a high priority.

I would suggest reaching out directly to our support channel for further assistance.

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Figured it out today! You have to turn the players on first, then the mixer. Works every time now!


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