Connecting Turntables with Phase on Prime 4?

I recently bought a Prime 4 as a brand new at home DJ and I love it. I went to a friends house who had turntables and was mixing tracks on a blank vinyl using Serato and the Phase wireless DJ controller. I loved it and would love to add something similar to my setup one day. Would it be possible to connect a turntable with the Phase and load tracks directly into that channel from USB or streaming? Or would I need a separate computer hooked up to the turntable, which is then connected to the channel input and then I would only get the filter sweep effect and nothing else?

A second question, is there really no way to connect a turntable and get the full board of effects? Not just the filter? Echo or wash would be so nice too.


Hello @afoxperson Welcome to the forum.

Prime 4 does not support any DVS in stand alone mode. Maybe in the future…?

This is the option you’d need to take.

Don’t hook the pc to p4 via usb but RCA input.

The DVS software would have to act as a line in source only.

Alternatively look into getting a sc5\6000m and you can sync to the p4. If you don’t have a turntable or software licence or even a decent laptop then a 2nd hand Denon motorised deck could be a cheaper way to go and probably best.

The way to use Phase + Turntables with your Prime4 is Serato DJ or Virtual DJ

The Prime4 unlocks Serato DJ but you may need to get the Serato DVS license which is a separate 99usd purchase.

What’s up @afoxperson,

None of what you’re asking for is available today with the Prime 4, HOWEVER, The latest Prime 4 firmware release allows the LC6000’s to work as an accessory to control decks 3&4. With that said, the Rane 12’s (an inMusic brand) appears to be similar in technology to the LC6000’s (the 12 is basically a LC with a motorized platter) and I would imagine that Rane 12 compatibily would be a possibility. I’ll bet $$$ that this will happen.

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