Connecting SC5000 to PC development plans

Hi there,

I wanted to ask if there is any development planned at all or if it has been really considered to make it possible to connect the SC5000 players to the computer, so that we can load tracks from it.

I’m aware of this post: Network link 2 sc5000 to destop pc - but it dates almost a year old now and we have not heard any news about it (as far as I know).

I fully understand that design of the system pivots around the philosophy of “no computer required”. However, I think that as it currently stands, playlist preparation and library management is an important issue. Although the system should continue aiming to DJs using the decks laptop-free in clubs, that does not imply that pushing tracks directly from Prime Engine (PC/laptop) is not needed. Note that I’m not asking for some kind of Traktor/Serato/Rekordbok DJ. The system is a standalone system, I get it - I’m asking just for a Rekordbok Link functionality.

Been able to search tracks in huge media libraries in the laptop, directly push them to the decks and experiment mixing them into the decks is a must the in studio/preparation stage for lots of DJs - it’s part of the workflow (even if the final target is to use the decks without laptop in the club).

I’d like to politely ask if this is at all in the pipeline, and what are the reasonable chances or getting this implemented.

Thank you.


Honestly, I owuld be happy just ot have either a Link or USB connection to engine prime for playlist handling. I much prefer setting cue points, loops, etcetera directly on the players and would love to be able to go through a batch of tracks doing it with the pc connected.

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Anything else just defeats the object.

Yes, using a laptop as a source is a lovely lazy way of doing things, but there are reliability benefits it ditching the laptop

Take into consideration that, since PC link was already present in the first version of Engine (from 2012-2016), they probably intentionally removed that from development list when doing Engine Prime.

On the other hand, X1800 does have a LAN hub that has a designated PC slot so unless it works out as Stagelinq port on mcx8000 they will probably add it at some point.

This is something a few people have mentioned so this has been passed onto the development team.