Connecting Prime 4 with Now Playing App and integrate with OBS


I am trying to get my Denon Prime 4 Standalone System to work with your Now Playing 2 Software so I can show the names of the tracks currently playing on my OBS Streaming software to show live on my Mixcloud Live feed.

It keeps on mentioning StageLinq but I do not see that anywhere in the setting on the Engine DJ OS on my Prime 4. The Now Playing App is not detecting my Prime 4 at all and I cannot go forward with this to integrate with my OBS until that happens. Am I missing something here??

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Att. @TRIODE :blush:

I take the Prime is connected to your computer via Ethernet cable?

Connect your Prime 4 to your router using an ethernet cable. Not directly to your PC. From there, turn on Now Playing and it should be able to detect it on the network.


When I had the Prime 2 I just connected it directly to the computer - worked just fine :blush:

I do tend to get issues when I do it directly. WiFi has to be off on the Mac for it to connect to Now Playing.

I can deactivate the WiFi after it’s connected but it’s still never great. I think I’m my case going cabled to the router is the best way for glitch-free integration.

Ah, odd. Both when I had the Prime 2 as well as now with the SC6000+x1850 setup I simply connect them directly via Ethernet cable - works rather smooth :blush:

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If I’m not mistaken, the X1850 hub is working like an external hub. It’s just that it’s internal to the mixer. The Prime 4 has no hub internally and requires an external USB powered hub to function the same. Not sure why the Prime 2 is different though.

I have two SC6000s connected to port 2 and 3 on the back of the X1850.