Connecting Denon Prime Go Controllers

Not the biggest tech guy, so needing some assistance to not go ahead and experiment and damage something.

Inquiry: A buddy and I both have a Prime Go controllers (I also have the Prime 4, but he does not). I’d love to connect two controllers together to play a B2B set now that Ableton Link is apart of Engine 2.0. How would we go about wiring the controllers together to connect and be on the same output/speakers? My understanding is we’d need to wire one controller into the other using a specific audio input/output setup and then connecting that “master” controller to the speakers. But again idk. Any help would be awesome!


Both prime Go‘s need to be on the same network to get ableton link to work. Either with Wi-Fi or Lan cable.

Go with the master out from one Prime Go into the Aux from the second. Connect then the speakers to the second Prime Go.

That should work.


That is a very simple and easy solution.

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