Connecting active speakers to Prime 4

Hello all,

First time using the forum so apologies if this has been discussed before.

When i connect my active sub to my prime 4 master (XLR) ive noticed that it has used one of the channels as the line in leaving me with 3 channels to mix with.

It did not do this when i was using passive speakers with a separate Amp.

The active sub is 500w RMS.

I appriciate that 3 channels is enough to mix with (especially for someone upgrading from 12/10s) but i just wanted to know why this was happening.

Thanks in advance :v:

Hi Rick

the type of speaker shouldnt impact anything like that. You haven’t accidentally activated the zone out on the device have you? so its pushing the master signal out to the 2nd zone, then using one of the channel faders to control the level?


Hi mate, check the connections as nothing like that should be happening unless wired incorrectly. It’s likely as Stu says.

Hi both,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I conected the sub to the main master connection using both L&R to the sub, then ive connected the sub to the 2 additional active speakers. So yes its using master signal as if it was the 2nd zone. It’s using channel 3 as the 2nd zone and using channel 3 to control the level.

I’ll have to double check the connections when i get home. Weird.

I will update as soon as i get home this evening.

Many thanks for the advice

This is what im talking about Rick. The Zone mode takes over one of the dedicated channels when activated, so have you accidentally activated the zone mode and its removing the use of a channel?

Using PRIME 4’s Dedicated Zone Out Feature - YouTube