Confused w/ the lingo: MIDI, Mapping, Normal, Hybrid, etc

Newbie_from_NJ post 13 Jan 2013 21:59

Hello everyone,

Would you please direct a newbie to a source where all this can be explained. I just got my SC3900 with Serato Scratch Live, but am a bit confused by all the terminologies and different options/functions.

I would like an in-depth understanding of what all this means and their differences so I can set up my equipment accordingly.

Technically speaking - I need to start from scratch and comprehend what I’m doing. I’m an old school vinyl DJ coming back to this new digital age.

I’ve looked around the forum, but couldn’t find a “beginner’s guide” to all this.

I understand that MIDI mode is to be used with MIDI controllers (like the SC3900’s are). But Normal vs Hybrid mode and the details of each = I’m clueless.

I would appreciate any advice and tips. Thanks so much in advance!

DENON post 14 Jan 2013 20:50

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Sorry, there is no “beginner’s guide”, just manuals for the entire unit and Hybrid mode.

In order for this system to work with SSL, you must use Hybrid mode and a SSL box. MIDI mode is only used with applications that provide native suppport, as of right now, there is none. So MIDI mode is not used.

In essence, using 2 SC3900’s with SSL is just like using 2 turntables with timecode and a HC1000S or Dicers.

The “tone” that comes from the SC3900 or turntables with timecode controls the position or scratch. The other functions are controlled by MIDI over USB.