[CONFIRMED] After Update 2.0 / Database on Volume is incompatible

After Update to 2.0 …. A Massage on Prime4 and Engine pop up…. Database on Volume is incompatible, the database on this Drive was created in a newer Engine DJ version, and cant be updated.

How get my Database back?

Nobody have a solution to the problem?

I think so, but have you updated and connected your unit to version 2.0 the engine software on your pc?

When you connect a unit that is in 1.6.x it updates the database to version 2

I update the engine software and the Prime4 firmware.

PC and Prime4 bring this error message when trying to update the database to 2.0. In 1.6 does the database work.

When the database is migrated, the previous one will be kept. So if you connect your drive to a PC you can delete the “Database2” folder. Then insert the drive into the console and perform a new migration.

the Database2 directory is there. I‘ll delete ist and try again.


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unfortunately deleting database2 did not change anything. the message continues to appear. anyone else a tip?

@peteP Any backup available? Manual backups can be replaced in files. Or you can use Engine Prime 1.6.1 to restore a backup (Settings → library → restore).

The old Prime firmware 1.6.x works fine with the database. When i update to 2.0 the database will not work.

In this case it would be best to allow the team to examine your database. You can send a copy of your Engine Library database so the team can take a look at what might have caused this. Upload this here: https://denondj.wetransfer.com/ . You can exclude the music files or music folder, as they are not needed to examine the database. Also in the message you can refer to this topic.

Looping in @KDonaldson to this topic.

thx i transfer the database .

Thanks for sending your database through to us @peteP Sorry to read of the troubles you’ve been having with 2.0.

Unfortunately after investigation, we’ve determined that your database is infact corrupted and is missing data which is why the migration is failing. Theres not much i’m able to suggest that can be done to get this back. If you have library backups, I would reccomend restoring these as the first step. If you don’t have backups,you can try rolling back to 1.6, running library clean up from the settings menu, then try to migrate again (do this on the desktop software) if this doesn’t work you’ll need to rebuild.

same problem for me since the firmware 2.0

I have removed the previous version of the engine library/ Database2 and performed another migration of the music files that are stored within my internal hard drive. After allowing a large portion of time for the tracks to be analysed, I used my prime2 at an event this weekend. I found that when searching for tracks that are stored on the hard drive, the file(s) were not found. I was only able to find and play the track upon a physical search, scrolling through a number of folders to then find what I was looking for. Do I need to re-analyse the drive so this scrolling is not needed?