Concepts you would like to see

I thought I would start a thread to discuss concepts for forthcoming DJ gear that people would like to see. Things that haven’t been invented yet, so to speak.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a stand-alone DJ Mixer, think the central part of a Prime 2 but the ability to read DVS vinyl, no laptops, no extra cables, all your music inside.


I remember this being a demo/concept a few years back. It looks pretty smart for its primitive state.

I’m sure it was done previously to this too. I’ll try and find that one. I think it was the same guy.

Here’s one I clocked previously:

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Yeah you’ve kind of missed the point of the thread here. I didn’t post it for a discussion about things people want to see in Engine. I posted it to get ideas about DJ gear that don’t currently exist.

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Those are exactly the thing I want, mad how it’s 9yrs ago and still nothing exists :man_shrugging:t2:


Well than, my fault✌🏻

Yes i wrote a big poat about that and other things…. But the „Community „ seems to not want to improve… however anyone is taking about that they dont want to do same as other brands🤷🏻‍♂️ i dont see a single point why doing it similar or better than others … u dont invent New there but… anyway…

I think you’re doing ‘The Community’ a disservice by claiming they don’t want to see things improve. There are many regulars here who contribute to feature requests etc.

As an example, all my 10 votes are allocated to things I would like to see implemented.


Post was rightfully marked off-topic. There are loads of topics where your comments are valid. Just not this one about (hardware) concepts. :+1:t2:

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A prime 4 type device with video capability:

• Being able to play pop music videos .

• Being able to play silent visuals or visuals with an audio click track so it can be beatgridded/synced to playing audio and video tracks .

• Some slideshow playback options (jpeg/bmp playlist effectively) .

• Some text overlay options for DJ naming or showing certain tags from the current playing audio/video track .

• simple “duplicate internal screen onto bigger external display” for all those who claim that the internal screen isn’t big enough for their alcohol diminished vision after the first 30 mins of their set lol .

• Karaoke lyric file playback for those still beating up a horse which passed away a couple of decades ago. :horse: :headstone: :microphone:


Some good ideas there Pasha. Almost like an ultimate event DJ unit.

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So you can be nice like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wonder if they can Arkaos Engine OS.

Soundswitch style - OS version and Advanced Desktop version.


The day has started fairly “forum-twit free” so far … lol

Listen clear… More upgrades for the Mcx8000 V3.0 now!!! Make it work then… we don’t want the sc or prime we want the 8000 obviously I go up against the rane 4 on the regular and I’ve won… Die hard denon fan is Dj QueffaDon… again v3.0 or v2.8 or something plz. This ain’t no legacy product this is actually a futuristic tank if we had more than v2.5 so plz stop holding out…. It still sells for 1300 bucks bkuz it’s just that Great. Up against the rane 4 and flx10 with this monster get the same respect or more… I’m a witness… this controller ain’t dead yet

Well hell mcx9000 then….

As a hobby-dj I sometimes integrate a line-dance or flashmob session in a party-gig. For this I go to the dance floor and introduce/show the steps before going back to my controller. I miss a gear to control my sc live4 by activating a prepared cue-point or loop while being a few meters away from my controller joinig the dancing party-people. Traktor has a app for this.

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2016 called… they want their vowels and consonants back.

A lighting software that is as programmable as customisable as Freestyler, but is as simple to use as SoundSwitch.

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Hey at least (Mcx8000) it’s still on the Denon website . Someone up there is listening… :pray:t6: More upgrades must be coming due to pioneer buying out serato… Engine is Trump Bkuz it accepts reckordbox and serato… I’m Rolling with Engine Prime OS… v3.5 my 8000 damnit

Someone send me some Engine prime apparel I need to be representing at all my gigs👌

That hasn’t happened yet.

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