Computer mode & Engine mode simultaneously

for example channels 1&2 using Computer mode and channels 3&4 Engine mode. would be handy in situations like:

  1. when on a VJ gig (hence the channels 1&2 for Computer mode as those are the channels available for video mixing) it is good to have a failback and on whatever crash or freeze one can quickly play few audio tracks from Engine mode channels (3&4) until the computer gets restarted/reset to continue VJ-ing.
  2. more options for multiple DJ nights (although atm not likely in most places) for quick hand-off. not all can easily just start playing on Engine mode and prefer a software they are familiar with (Serato, VDJ etc). Coming from an MCX8000 which had an option to change Computer & Engine mode quickly. Pardon if this is something asked earlier as I tried to search for it here without getting decent/fulfilling answers.

I think Denon staff have already weighed in on this and stated it can’t be done.

damn. now I´m thinking of other ways to failback my setup.