Complete removal of EP and files to start from scratch

I setting up and received corrupt DB error. Corrected error now all files in EP are showing in red and not able to be found.

I would like to start from scratch.

How do I completely remove EP and associated files from my Win 10 computer.

Thank you


You can remove the Engine Library folder from your Music folder to completely reset the Engine Prime song collection. Deleting this will remove all crates, playlists and song links from the software.

Just out curiosity, what did you do to correct the error?

I formatted the drive without the Quick format option. Took long time.

From a problem solving standpoint, quick format vs normal format should not have any impact on the issue you mentioned above. Did deleting the Engine Library folder sort you out?

Just one question: Why did you make a new topic? Other members are waiting for your answers:

I did not know if the fist topic was submitted. I did not get an email notifying me of submission and did not see it in my list of tickets.

Please close this ticket.

I have updated the first ticket with my solution.