Compatibility with prime 4

Will the SC6000M beat sync with the rest of the decks of the prime 4 if it is put into one of the channels of the mixer of the prime 4? Also if put into the mixer of the prime 4 Will you still be able to mix between the two decks on the SC6000M? And one more question: Will I be able to drag the music over from the prime 4 into the SC 6000M or will I need to get another hard drive for the unit? I Was possibly interested in getting one of them as I already have the prime 4. I Just want to make sure it’s compatible.

Yes, file sharing and sync can be done via link. All prime series devices are compatible between each other.

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Awesome!! Thanks

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The only challenge is having two Prime mixers in the same network; that doesn’t play nice, YET!

“Two captains on a ship”

Hm… that is interesting… any experience about this?

You’ll get more than 4 layers and 2 mixers; both running Engine Connect info that have conflicting values.

I think that’s the underlying challenge to be solved by devs.

So if I hook the SC6000 through the RCA on the back of the prime 4 Will it sync or do I have to use the link Ethernet LAN cord in the back of the SC 6000 into the prime 4 to keep it in sync?

RCA cable is only for audio.

LAN cable is for data sharing.


So then you’re saying I need the link connected to both units for the beat grid sycing to work?

Don’t think it will work, because that would be creating more than 4 layers. Perhaps single layer mode on both Prime4 and SC would work.

Ok… thanks… Yeah I’m confused about both midi connections and link connections… I guess the technology is kind of new yet so not all the variables have been played out to know.

will 5000m and 6000m both beat sync with Prime 4? given that its 2 different models and all?

All Prime units in one network should. Maybe @Reese had tested does SC5000 model sync with Prime 2???

Engine Connect is not stable when using more than one mixer, so for the moment the answer is no.

…but using a 5000 or 6000 with a Prime 2 or Prime 4 is not “more than one mixer”. The 5000 and 6000 are players, not mixers.

Even the layers limitation is questionable, since Denon says we can “connect up to four” SC decks to the link ports on the X1800/1850 mixers, so eight layers.

Haven’t tested it to the fullest, because in my environment I always had an X1800 and a Prime2 or 4, so Engine Connect info streams mixup.

See below. On a Prime4 there can be 4 layers active already, so adding an SC via an ethernet switch… I don’t know if that works (music yes, bpm info perhaps). To be safe, put Prime4 in single layer mode to add an SC. Also with Prime2, keep it under 4 decks/layers.

No. To my knowledge it’s 4 layers at the moment. When using 3 or 4 SC decks, the decks need to be in single layer mode. I will test that soon ;-).

Having just read through the X1850 manual, it seems there’s no option to switch the phono inputs to line - meaning that you couldn’t feed all eight layers from four SC units into the mixer anyway.

Yes you can, 4 digital plus 4 analog lines is physically possible on the mixer. :wink:

Engine Connect just not yet.

Oh OK so each SC would need to use layer A line out and layer B digital out. Awkward but possible :laughing:

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems not much thought has gone into this.

Well, 8 layers isn’t really normal, but I guess some suspended user would find it Pro…