Compatibility of External SSDs

Anyone know if something like this is compatible?

I would like to understand if the internals, PCIE3 matter… or if I need to make sure its SATA inside.

I have read that external SSDs tend to have much faster random write (this is actually to save time refreshing my music from my laptop to the drive, so benefits of USB 3.2).

When plugged into the Denon SC Live 4, I only care that I can read / write to the single drive (if needs be, I can still buy two and read from one, record session on other).

But really, even if the standalone controller only had usb 2.0, there should still be theoretically enough capacity.

Oh yeah, and the bonus I see in this device, if in case of emergency, I could maybe store a backup set of music on my phone, and plug this drive directly into the phone and sync across. But before I even get there, I plan to clone two of these and have the second one handy in case the first fails.

Forget anything from transcend , well, that’s my opinion on them anyway. In their spinning drives, they used to simply keep their own external casings then throw whatever third party brand of OEM hard drive component into that case, as was cheapest for them at the time… so you could buy two of their drives, identical it seemed, but get different performances from each as one might have had a Fujitsu drive within, compared to a Samsung drive in the other.

For SSDs consider Samsung, and Crucial

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I think we had this discussion a while back and 3NAND tech seems to be a good option to go for when choosing an SSD.

Happy with all the brand recommendations. But main point I am interested in is the technical explanation of:

I would like to understand if the internals, PCIE3 matter… or if I need to make sure its SATA inside.

For example, would a PCIe3 M.2. NVME housed in an enclosure such as this work?

I guess if we are saying 3D NAND technology is compatible, then I don’t have anything to worry about. If so, the USB 3.2 will be the bottleneck on my laptop, and USB 2.0/3.0 (not sure which the SC LIVE 4 has) will be the bottleneck there, both acceptable.

you will get faster file transfer on your computer but it wont matter on the SC players

For example the chip used in the 5000m is the RK3288

Yes, as I thought. I only care that it is compatible with the SC Live 4. It looks from your image that it is USB 2.0, which will be the bottleneck.

The thing I care about is the random write speed, this is to make management of my music (laptop to hopefully 2TB drive) less painful.

I don’t want to keep subsets of my library on 16GB usbs.

The best thing about Engine DJ databse is they didnt make it multiple small chunks of files like Rekordbox which i have learnt make rkbx transfers painfully slow. So for your transfer/performance disk just make sure it has good write speeds and you will save time.

I am a bit wary about building an NVME based drive though - power, thermals etc.

Have you considered something like the Samsung T7 or T9?

I have that same drive lol. Gets quite toasty when writing to it.


I dont use it with Engine though. I bought for RKBX thinking i will get faster transfers with it.

I am happy to go with a prebuilt usb ssd rather than a roll my own. The only reason was because I got it in my head it needed to be SATA (via M.2. for example)

Think it was because I read an old version of the SC Live 4 manual, which stated SATA under the USB section, but was probably a copy paste error from the Prime 4, describing the hard drive bay.

Think I will try a local South African company out, it gets good reviews and is competive in price. Not quite at the modern usb 3.2 speeds possible, but it is definitely around the 3.0 mark.

I think I am overthinking. My library is currently only ~100GB so this 512GB will keep me occupied for a while still.

By the time I need 2TB the landscape will have changed anyway.

That looks like type c, Prime devices are USB A

Interface: USB 3.2 Type C with USB Type A Converter

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My advice would above all be to favor an SSD equipped with a large DRAM cache.

You can use this site to find the ideal SSD at the best price

Rank by descending score and take the cheapest in price per GB ratio

A Crucial MX500 2TB is probably one of the best value for money for this size

You can also compare M.2 SSDs and external SSDs


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up buying a local option and it works a treat Rogueware EX100M 512GB USB3.2 Type-C External SSD|ROGUEWARE

Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like DRAM cache, but good enough for the standalone (bottleneck is the USB interface) and it doesn’t take too long to export my library.

Price point was decent. Will check out the link for next time.

if you are happy with it thats all that matters


Reading the specs in the link, It is QLC drive with an SLC cache.

You may notice slow down to lower than HDD speed if you are doing a large transfer that saturates the SLC.

Its probably an M2 SATA drive in the enclosure.

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