COMPARISON of Itunes library management + Traktor SWITCH to Engine + PRIME 4

Hey guys so any ideas on the change?

I have crazy amount of playlists in iTunes plus some big dumping grounds lists like Bangers , Deep, Techno etc.

How will I benefit from the Prime 4 with no future itunes organising?

I love the idea of really hands on and just works capability, no hard drive full Traktor default settings reset and audio routing etc.

I also love the hi quality 100% pitch and whole octave key shifting in Prime 4.

I care about playlists and being organised. I think the simplicity of a few working condensed lists will be great and the more I mix and play then the more I can trim them down to best of the best. Also have ear a 1000 on shazam and YouTube to sort.

I dont use Traktor fx just the eqa and cues and waveforms so that’s an easy swap.

Mainly just the iTunes changeover I want advice on as 20 years of intense playlisting there and its so powerful with finding faves by play count and smart lists. I know I will practise more with an all in one even in bed lol, then I will find trax easier. With real experience and not just playlist sear himg thru 1000s of trax I got. New tunes can go straight into engine for cue po8n5s and onto inbuilt 1tb ssd

Love the laidback Luke vlog on YouTube for practical in my mind demos of deejaying with prime sc5000

And any ideas from ex itunes to sc5000 users too please?

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hi @i10001000, thank you for getting in contact!

So Engine Prime looks directly at the iTunes library so you can import them all into your Engine Prime collection. I myself am a big iTunes user with 100’s of playlists and folders so you’ve no problem access these in Engine Prime.

Personally, I still use iTunes to organise my music and playlists, then import that into Engine Prime and start prepping the files to play. Once done simply export to your hard drive.

I hope this helps.

Thanks J


iTunes is still the best way as all music programmes seem to feed from it, so you have consistency across all of the formats.

Fixed that for you.

Also, I will counter that by saying it’s only if you jump from DJ software to DJ software every few years. Most people I know are either sticking for the past 10+years to what’s best for them, not jumping evertime somebody adds colourful waveforms lol. Of course, some have switched… but once. And even in that case, problem is migrating cuepoints, beatgrids etc and not playlists.

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I’m not going to argue that point actually, it makes sense what you are saying.

From a personal point of view I’ve only ever used Serato (until Prime) but I’ve lost so many libraries that the only guaranteed way to keep it all safe is to use iTunes (in my experience).


Thanks Jay and everyone who has replied. Its exciting looking forward to using this very creative piece of hardware, the prime 4.

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