[CLOSED] Song crashed Engine DJ Mac

Not sure what to do. Was going through and playing with Engine DJ ahead of my Prime 4 arriving this week and haven’t had a problem, however one song seems to consistently crash when loading it into the player. Not sure what the issue is or if there’s any logs I can look into. The song goes through analysis okay, but only crashes when loading it into the player. Any thoughts or know how I can report it properly?

Using MacOS Big Sur with Engine DJ 2.0.2.

Hi @RandomHajile Welcome!

Nobody likes a crash and I’m sure the people over at Denon DJ don’t too. To help them get to the bottom of any crashes that you (or anyone) may have then you can upload the troublesome file to their WeTransfer page where they can look at it. You may not hear back from them directly but they’ll be sure to at least look at it.

When you upload it, copy and paste this thread from the address bar into the message box with a little description and this will help them when trying to diagnose it and can report back if they need anything else like your zipped up Database2 file etc. Crashing isn’t good so helping them with these kinda files helps us all. Sometimes Engine DJ has problems with accents or umlaut characters as they aren’t supported (yet).

Awesome. Thanks for that! I’ve just sent the file over. Hopefully it helps diagnose the problem. I checked the ID3 and the filename and there’s no funky characters that I can see. Fingers crossed it’s something simple. :slight_smile:

Give this a try and see if it makes any difference.

There is an app for each OS you could be using and it will hopefully help diagnose something a bit whiny with a file:

I ran my collection through the fix app you suggested, but there were no errors or warnings on that file. There were some in others, so I fixed those. I’ve also now got my Prime 4 and have a strange issue where sometimes the waveform doesn’t display. Minor annoyance since I use that to spot breaks or cue points, but doesn’t seem to load it at all. I might try and re-export the collection to the SSD and give it another run through the analysis on the laptop and see if that does it.

Even on the laptop its not showing the waveform in the preview and when I right click the track, it won’t give me the option to re-analyse. :-/

Just a quick check, the track isn’t loaded to the deck is it? Engine DJ can’t analyse a track that is loaded to the player as it’s in use. Eject that and give it another go and see if that helps.

As for not having a waveform, that is a little strange. I would do a few checks that may (or may not) help but we can run though those. By using the reanalyse option, it will give the track the once over a second time but this time a more thorough scan.

  • Is the USB device of good quality with good read/write speeds? Some older or cheaper ones aren’t the quickest and can’t be read fast enough by the players.
  • Have you migrated from an Engine 1.X version to a 2.X version? There could be something strange in that upgrade process. You can close Engine DJ and delete just the Database2 folder in your Music > Engine Library and when it opens it will migrate the library to a V2 database again. Back this up first though so you can pop it back if there is any problems.
  • Export the playlists to the USB storage device again after reanalysing in Engine DJ so the freshly analysed track is on a clean stick.
  • I like to check my ID3 tags too. I strip any gunk out of them and convert any with umlaut or accent characters in the track titles as this causes problems in Engine DJ too.

Maybe @TJohnson can help with this as I know he’s helped with similar issues over here: Audio files crashing the system

Hi @RandomHajile

Thanks for reaching out, this most likely has to do with database files interacting with the .MP3.

If you could send through a wetransfer link of the entire ‘Engine Library’ folder including any coredumps / crash logs you have that would be great. You may have to compress / zip the folder. Please include ‘FOA TJohnson’ in the note.

A short phone video of the of the waveforms that don’t display would be excellent.

Big thank you to @MrWilks as well for the advice.

Hagile, it would be good to know if any of Wilks’ questions apply.

  1. Is the USB of good quality?
  2. Was there any previous migration from Engine 1.6 - 2.0?

Many thanks, T.

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Hey @RandomHajile I was trying to repro your issue without any luck. Is this still an issue for you?

Cheers, Markus