Cloning drives

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Is there anyone who experienced how Engine handles clones of drives (created with backup software)?

I want to keep my internal and external SSD’s synchronized, so one is the backup of the other, but I don’t know if it confuses Engine DJ when it sees drive B with exactly the same database as it has seen on drive A.

Of course I can try this myself, but maybe this wheel has already been invented :slight_smile:

It doesn’t.

When you export to a drive; the files are copied and a database is created where the file locations are store on that drive.

I have used multiple methods to clone drives and they all work (dd, cp, rsync, export from engine DJ, copy from the host OS UI).

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Thank You. This will make life a lot easier!

sure thing.

One thing I would suggest is that your source drives (even your source backup drives) are formatted in more fault tolerant filesystems. Introduced in 1996 in Windows 95, FAT32 is the least fault-tolerant, though the most compatible. exFAT is a smidge better than FAT32.

If you’re on Windows, definitely format your source drives as NTFS and if on a Mac, APFS, or MacOS Extended. These filesystems have better protection for things like power loss or situations where you may have pulled the drive out without ejecting / unmounting. The act of ejecting/unmounting finalizes any buffered writes (sometimes known as ‘flushing the cache’), allowing the external drive to be disconnected from the computer without corrupting the drive.

Probably a LOT more than you expected, but I’m a tech nerd and like to teach nerdy things. :smiley:

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