Clicking Track Preview Column - Not Working (Can't Hear Anything) [SOLVED]

Updated to Engine DJ 3.2.0

Can no longer hear anything when I click on the Preview column waveform. I see the green play button pulsing and the track position marker moving, but no sound. Nothing in headphones either.

This used to work and is a critical part of the workflow in building sets (i.e., quickly choosing songs that go well together without having to load them).

  • Tracks/Collection all on an external SD
  • Windows 10 Pro (19044.3086)
  • NI Komplete Audio 6 SC
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Hey, first please make sure that your sound settings are correctly routed in windows and engine dj software. Sometimes some windows updates or software updates causes a change there.

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Sound works when playing the loaded tracks and on everything else in the OS. What would affect the Preview track waveform in isolation?

Have you read the latest update to the manual?

There is a volume level for preview in the settings, it may be on zero.

Edit: there’s also a function to activate or de-activate

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Thanks for your reply. These options aren’t available on the PC version. they’re in the device settings on my GO, it’s on and the volume set to 100%… no dice back on the PC with the same SD card. :frowning:

What’s weird is I can even see the volume meter on Windows App volume and device preferences pulsing when the track preview is playing, but no sound is audible.

Sound works when playing loaded tracks, just not track previews. It used to work, so not sure why it stopped after the update.

So fed up with Engine.

Ah sorry I misread your post, you’re talking about the desktop app? That sounds like some audio routing issue on your computer if that app looks like it’s playing it. Have you checked the ‘default audio device’ section of the app preferences?

That works on my Mac but I don’t use windows so can’t help with how it may need setting up.

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I also use Mac for the music. But I got curious if it’s a general problem and installed Engine on my Windows laptop. Started by adding music and analyzing. Everything worked immediately and even preview listening. So I agree, it must be something with sound settings or drivers.


Thank you everyone for the replies. :pray:

It wasn’t sound settings—I triple checked them and all sound worked (i.e., playing loaded tracks) except quick preview when clicking on the Preview column waveform.

However, I reinstalled the drivers for the NI Komplete Audio MK2 and abracadabra it just works suddenly. Ridiculous. But I guess this is the way of things in the commercial software world.

Will mark as solved. Anyone else encounters similar issues: reinstall sound drivers, update sound card firmware and do a jig… possibly it’ll work.


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