Cleaning rubber pads

Hello all, I would like to clean my prime 4 rubber pads. Except daily or weekly dust cleaning I am doing with microfiber what is the best way to clean finger dirt from rubber pads without to damage the rubber? Maybe some softcloth with non alcohol products?

Thank you?

My Laptop has a carbon fibre surface which loves finger prints, which is quite annoying, to clean it i use glass cleaner which is typically non abrasive and quick drying without leaving smears.

My DJ gear is bedroom only so it probably has a fraction of the dirt that you may be experiencing, however the glass cleaner will do the same job, best thing is it is relatively cheap.

Just be sure to check that it doesn’t contain any caustics.

Thank you Revan.

First, try to use some watered down soapy water to see if that helps clean it. If that doesn’t work well enough, I have found that basic Windex without ammonia (I repeat, WITHOUT ammonia) does a pretty good job of cleaning up dirty buttons and knobs. Even when it’s been watered down to 50% strength, it still does the trick in most cases. And try using a Q-tip with the Windex when cleaning. Afterwards, rinse the surface with a bit of clean water added to a clean clothe or Q-tip (and not to the surface itself), and then pat dry with another clothe (preferably lint free).

NOTE: Test the surface first to see if anything gets rubbed off when using a cleaner. I say this, because some off brand ammonia free cleaners could still have ingredients in them that may damage the surface you want to clean.

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Good!!! Thank you Double_A. Actually they are not too dirty but you know my son or some friends say let me play for 2 mins please so if their fingers are not clean it stays some dirt. I worry about rubber surface as many rubber remote controls I had in the past had issues after some months or years. OK so I will try with water shop and soft cloth or the product you suggest but I have to find a similar one in Greece.