Cleaning prime 2

Afternoon. Anyone used a electrical cleaning spray. I have sticking play button and sometimes cue button. Any recommendations please. Glenn. Prime 2

Do you mean the WD40 contact cleaning spray? It might be worth a go, I used the standard WD40 on my Xbox pad and it sorted a broken bumper button out.

Yes mate, along them lines. 1st thought was wd40. Wondering if anything better.

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Make sure it’s the contact cleaning spray, not normal general purpose WD40!


Yeah definitely make sure that… I used the standard one on my pad but wouldn’t recommend it. Contact cleaning spray all the way.

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As I service stage equipment for over 15 years professionally, I can tell from experience - never spray anything in to your device! The residue, you will clean from a part, will drip down on a PCB and potentially can damage the circuit board under it. If the buttons are sticky - disassemble, clean plastic parts separately, and assemble back. If the microswitch under the button is damaged - replace with a new one. Any spray can cause more expensive repair than do any good.


Would you not use the contact cleaning spray? I thought the residue from that was fairly harmless?

From the spray it self yes, but what it will take with it when dissolving the gunk…?

Spray will be harmless if it has the place to go off the board, and then dry. If it will flow, take the gunk, then rest on the pcb. When the cleaning solvent evaporates, dirt will stay on the pcb, and can cause short circuits, pcb degradation, or other issues. Depending on chemical composition of the dirt it took, different reactions can occur. Better to have the spray with the gunk drip off the pcb and then run a clean wash with Cleanser to get rid off the residue of the board. Then dry it and re-assemble.


Ahhh yeah that is a fair point, didn’t even think of that.

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I’m basing this feedback on 30+ years of various maintenance stuff with my synths and studio gear, including sticking buttons and sliders (not necessarily DJ decks, but should be similar). Don’t spray WD-40 into your gear! It’s often what pops in people’s heads first, did in mine also years ago, but it’s exactly what you don’t want to do. You’ll end up having to clean out the WD-40 film residue later. Instead, I’d recommend checking out the DeoxIT line of products made for the purpose of cleaning and lubricating electronic components and switches. If you ever take something apart, their FaderGrease works magic on sliders/switches. As far as something to spray in, their DeoxIT D5 Spray Contact Cleaner is a good choice for cleaning and their F5 spray is good when you want a light lubricant, such as a sticking switch. In your case, I’d try the F5 fader lubricant which also cleans a bit.

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I’ve done mine today (external) with 2 halfs of kitchen towels and a mix of 1/3 of alcool for burning and 2/3 of glass cleaner. 1towel to deep to get it slighly moist,the other one to dry immediatly After. No damage whatsoever and cheap. And you Can fill up your winscreen tank for your car !