Cleaning channel faders

I have a channel fader that when at full volume and rocked slightly left and right, it will cut out. I was thinking about spraying some electronics cleaner in there (Deoxit Progold) but I wanted to see if there were any recommendations to do otherwise. My real question is whether the contact strip is printed on a PCB and facing up such that the contact cleaner will get where it needs to, or is the contact strip on the side or top such that the cleaner won’t get to it? The goal here is to be able to fix the problem without taking the entire unit apart, but I will do that if need be. I’ve already tried compressed air and it didn’t help.

Btw, my crossfader was inconsistent and I used some progold on it and it’s working nicely, so I’d imagine it should help with the channel fader, but I just wanted to double check first. It would have been really nice had Denon at least utilized a removable faceplate to making cleaning the fader section a bit easier… one can dream :wink:

Thanks! Mike

That is a sign of a broken fader. Cleaning will not help. Only replacement.

That is a bad idea, as whet ever residue will get out of the fader, it will stay on the pcbs and other components. This can cause more damage to other components.