Chris From the UK - Hey!

Hey guys!

Chris here from the east coast of England. I’ve owned a fair bit of Denon kit many many (many) years ago and came back with the introduction of the new MCX8000.

I play in holiday resorts in and around Europe and on luxury cruise ships for Cunard. I play house, commercial, R&B and 70s/80s/90s party nights.

Looking at getting the Prime setup if all goes well!

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I am jealous already, with the MCX8000 just paid for and a few other costly items slightly higher on the priority list, it’ll be early next year at the earliest I can consider a Prime setup. But then, can’t complain that I can’t get a rolls royce yet if I am driving a 7-series BMW, right?

Anyhow, pleasure to meet you.

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Hey DJ Vintage,

Good to meet you too. The MCX8000 is a great bit of kit and can do so much but that Prime kit looks amazingly fun. Maybe next year for me too as I’m 8 months out of the country on a ship so wouldn’t be worth it. I’ll see how they pan out and let the firmware develop further.

Finally Denon has some forums. Let’s hope we can develop a good community here as I’m a frequent Serato regular and adding some feedback would be great for Denon to gauge what we want and address any issues we encounter. It’s a good start already!

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+1 on all above.

My first full Denon controller was the MC6000 and - as a mobile DJ - I loved it. Seperate mic channels with tone control and reverb, ducking and good POST control making it a true 4+2 channel mixer as well as a controller. What’s not to love, right?

It came (in Europe) with a full version of Traktor. Tried that for a year and a half. Not too happy with it. Lousy beat-gridding of non-Electronic music and way to cumbersome in settings and such, not to mention portability between various laptops.

Since Serato was still the picky one at the time, I moved to Mixvibes Cross. A move I have never regretted. I got rid of my 6000 awaiting the mk2, but instead ended up with a setup with two SC2900/X1600 mixer. Nice, but never felt it gave me what the controller could.

In a gear swap I ended up with a Pioneer DDJ-SX, knowing that it was just an interim solution. As soon as it came out I started putting away the money for the MCX and it’s an awesome piece of kit.

I am partial to the traditional lay-out and size of two/four players and a mixer though and the Prime really makes that work it seems with ALL the features you’d find on a controller with bonuses.