Channel Fader Time Response

So, guys, it is just a feeling that I would like to share with you and try to understand if the problem is my lack of skills.

I use to try performances like James Hype. He cuts channels using faders, I realized that it is almost impossible with Prime4 because there is a lag when we move faders up and down.

Does everybody here have the same feeling?

The only way to cut the sound I found faster was by crossfader setting the crossfader knob to right, so I cut it using the crossfader extreme edge.

Thanks for sharing your feelings.

As far as im aware the channel faders on Prime products are not software driven, they are physical switches so should react exactly the same as your hand movements.

Happy to be corrected on this by someone with greater knowledge than me however.

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Try different channel fader curves, for changing both the channel faders and the cross fader.

The “curve” changes how much signal/volume comes through and how quickly eg: a sharp curve might mean that 100% of the signal comes through the fader even in just its first couple of centimetres of travel. By comparison, a soft fader curve would mean that even when the fader is up at nearly 3/4s of the way up, only 30% of the signal is coming through…. A normal curve means that when the fader is 10% up, then 10% of the signal comes though, then at 30% up, then 30% of signal comes though etc etc


Exactly, I think that is not a matter of changing the curve format. What I guess is the crossfader time response is faster than regular faders so that I can easily cut the sound and apply that noise FX in the background in a rhythmic way. Those who have observed James Hype playing probably will understand how important up and down the sound volume is by the fader channel.

I don’t have this option in Prime 4. The setup curve just works with crossfader.

Is anyone, experienced what I said?

After 8 days with no “bites”, it seems that no one else has experienced what you’re describing.

So, given that there are many many dozens of thousands of Prime 4 owners, none of whom have expressly mentioned this, I’m thinking more locally,

Are you listening to your performances via Bluetooth or other wireless transmission (like cordless headphones) or, on a speaker or home sound system which has a DsP (digital signal processor)? Common in consumer market products, often used to provide a speaker or system with some preset equaliser settings like “Night mode” , “loudness”. DsPs do a useful job, but they introduce delay into the sound output, which could be what you’re describing.

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There is no problem with the speaker. It’s connected directly to the KRK monitor.

I observed one guy on Instagram, he tried to do the same thing that I mentioned and it sounded weird too.

I’m thinking to change my setup to players and mixer. It will make me choose DJM-900 with SC6000.

Thank u. :+1:

Can you post a video of it happening on your device so we can see and hear it? That would help diagnose it better. As I said above it’s not software driven so should just work as a physical switch.

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