Channel colors and options in Serato

Hi there, some questions on the Serato integration of SC5000s and X1800

  • In Serato, it looks like Channel colors in the the SC5000 cannot be changed. They are green, blue, red and orange. Is it any way to change/customise this, even if writing some RGB code in any XML file?

  • In the mixer, the four cue buttons appear as blue. Any way to change this to reflect the colors of the decks, as when using Prime as a standalone system?

  • I have two decks, and on each deck I can load any of the four channels. This is very confusing! Is there any way to limit the channels each deck controls? Ie: I’d like to control channels 1 and 3 on one deck and 2 and 4 on the other (each deck to have two “layers”)

  • Is the Serato integration considered as “done”? Could we expect any further development on this, or Serato and Denon have already finished this integration and this is it?

Thank you.

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From what I understood, Serato does the integration. So that why it’s so different from standalone. And there is no way in hell Serato will “go back” and improve it without somebody paying them to do it. All of your Serato objections should go to Serato forum.