Channel 2 playing quieter than the others

So I played a gig this past weekend and out of nowhere, my 2nd channel started playing much quieter than all the other channels.

I tried • Updating to the current firmware • Rolling it back • Updating again using WIFI • Two factory resets

Nothing worked.

I went through a checklist of settings • Enabling/Disabling X-Fader • Mono/Stereo • On/Off Limiter

Nothing changed.

I need to turn the gain up all the way for the master to output a similar level as the other channels. (Still quieter)

SIDENOTE: When the master is cranked all the way up and the volume of channel 2 is peaking at 0, the master will output around -20dB

I’m out of my warranty period, so repairing it is off the table since • It’s almost as costly as buying a new one • Repairs take an eternity according to previous posts • I need it since I DJ full-time and can’t miss 2-3 months without it (most places I play don’t have CDJs, let alone any players whatsoever.)

I love the Prime 4 and I’d love to keep using Denon DJ products, but the bugs are getting out of hand. I’m all for innovation and respect what Denon has done over the last few years, however, the lack of quality makes me want to go back to you know who. Seems like I have a new issue every 2-3 months and it’s getting quite jarring. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but I think I tried everything I could and would need to send it off to be repaired. (Which I won’t do for the aforementioned reasons.)

EDIT: here’s video

EDIT 2: now for some reason if I toggle on/off the channel cue, the volume momentarily jumps up and goes back down on the master???


Have you raised a support ticket?

It would be lovely to attribute hardware issues to firmware issues but sometimes hardware issues are exactly what the problem is. image

If the channel volume issue had happened the moment you’d upgraded the firmware then maybe the firmware could be suspected but it sounds like the two things aren’t connected chronologically.

Everything (hardware) can go wrong - that’s any brand too btw, there is no brand exempt from hardware failure. Sometimes something will go wrong and needs to be replaced. Things that move, like rotary controls can be more susceptible to failure than things that don’t move, but even if the a product had the worlds most expensive rotary controls fitted, those components could still fail.

There’s a possibility that you’ve nudged a filter or eq option to “on” for that channel but I doubt you’d have overlooked it.

Also if you “can’t live without it” for 2,3,4 weeks whatever because youre DJing professionally then consider that professionally would really have backup built in as à redundancy, a plan B. So while your main unit is in for repair, just switch to your backup system.

I doubt also that you’ll guilt-trip InMusic into repairing a three year old unit free of charge by posting that a repair is about the same cost as a replacement model, but hey, it was worth a try. Kudos.

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This is an important message, i only DJ part time and still have a backup in case i cant use my main rig.

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The Prime 4 is my backup, my CDJs have been in repair for 2 months now. Don’t get me wrong, I had my issues with other brands too. It just seems to me that Denon DJ has more far more QC issues and I’m not the only one pointing it out.

As for guilt tripping InMusic into getting free repairs or another unit, nowhere have I asked for a handout. I only asked for help. FYI, from past experiences, the total of getting it serviced after sending it out multiple times has almost been as expensive as buying a new unit.

Again, I appreciate what Denon DJ has done innovation wise, for selling their products at reasonable prices (unlike the #1 competitors) and trying to bloom in a monopoly. However, innovation shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. How are we supposed to enjoy the innovative features if we can’t use them in the first place. I respect the vision, but the product isn’t there yet QC wise. Anyway, thanks for the insight I guess!

EDIT: I do agree that it is most likely hardware, since it doesn’t matter what firmware version the controller is on, the issue still persists.

The Prime 4 is my backup, my CDJs have been in repair for 2 months now. Don’t get me wrong, I had my issues with other brands too. It just seems to me that Denon DJ has more far more QC issues and I’m not the only one pointing it out.

From what I’ve read on the forum, there’s a lack of response from the support team when it comes to tickets. I’ll give it a shot if I can’t figure it out. Thanks for looking out!

Its not something simple like you’ve activated the cross fader for that channel is it?

Edit: ignore that i can see you have tried it.

Have you tried loading the same track across all 4 decks to compare? can you post a video of the issue so people can see it?

Nope, wished it was that simple, double checked every fader, knob, switch, setting, everything. How the scenario played out when it first started is:

Everything was fine for the 1st hour, suddenly I load a new track, start playing it and the volume drops on the master. (Gain is set at noon on the channel, peaking at 0dB, the master is set at 0dB, but peaking at around -20 to -10dB)

On any other channel, the master would peak at 0dB, but the 2nd channel is always -10dB lower and that is linear to whatever the master is set at.

Couldn’t post it directly attached to the post, since the file size was too big, apologies.

EDIT: the master is turned down, but the same issue occurs even if it’s turned up.

EDIT 2: channels 3 and 4 play perfectly fine like channel 1, XLRs are plugged in the master out.

Can you post a video of it with the same track loaded in all 4 channels, switching between them so we can see/hear the issue? Also some shots of the screen too.

Uploaded it as a YouTube short on this reply.

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Definitely looks like it could be some kind of mechanical issue with the channel fader. Id say avoid using that channel until your other gear comes back then send it off is the only option.

You would need it repairing if you were going to sell it so its the only option.

Do you have equipment insurance at all? something that could cover the cost?

1 x rotary gain failing in 3 years isn’t what I’d call a quality control issue.

With A.n. Other brand, of course, the or users would probably be so starved of new features they wouldn’t probably keep their gear for three years, as they other manufacturer tend to release only big fixes rather than free new features.

Is the repair on your other brand of gear, also for manually operated controls on the gear?

Ya it’s an odd one, the VU correlates with the fader as seen in the video. So I’m left puzzled to what the cause is.

And nah, warranty is expired as I mentioned and as for insurance, well that’s only for my main unit. I’ll probably not sell it, keep it as back to the next backup, since the other channels work.

EDIT: thanks for the suggestions!

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My CDJs have gone 6 years without an issue up till early this summer, and yes it is mechanical.

As for it not being a QC issue, this isn’t my first problem with this Prime 4, I had a bunch of bunch or hardware issues within the 1st year and so have many on this forum and on Reddit. Also, I barely ever touch the gain of my channels and if I do, I twist them smoothly (since the response of the knobs are better than Pionner). It’s odd to me that the cause of it would be the gain knob, since when I was playing and when it occurred, I hadn’t touched it all night.

EDIT: if it was a gain knob issue, I don’t see why it would not output the same as the other channels when all of them are set at noon and display them peaking at 0dB on the channel VU (like in the video)

All channels display 0dB on their respective VU, channel 1, 2 and 3 output the same of the master VU and channel 2 displays -20 to -10dB lower than the others on the master.

Hi, i have kind of the same issue with my SC LIVE 4 bought 9 months ago. I noticed a lower volume on the deck 1, but if i apply a sideway pressing to the left of the fader, the proper volume come back. So IMO it’s technical.

I wrote a ticket 2 weeks ago…still waiting for an answer.

Cherry on the cake i live in the caribbean so i don’t hope for a warranty process, so i’m desperately looking for spare parts, but impossible to find any, and impossible too to find a diagram of the SC LIVE 4 to check if it shares parts with other denon controllers allowing me to order one.

I really love this machine, its ergonomics, its software and sound, but this kind of issues only after 7 months of use makes me understand why it is so cheap.

Disappointed but still want to use the brand’s gear.

Did you not purchase it from an official retailer? If it’s within warranty you’re meant to do the repair through them.

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Ya same thing, I press on the fader and everything is back to normal until I let go.

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How heavy are you on the faders and/or gear in general ? Whilst not super tough the faders are not made of chocolate either.