Changing the default sort order in 2.0?

it used to be persistent in 1.6 - if you selected sort by key / comment it would stay that way

is there any way to get it to remember instead of defaulting to ‘play order’ every time ?


I agree with this, it always goes back to “playlist”. I personally prefer to have it default to bpm. I would like to have it back to the way it was in 1.6. Also… the cursor/scroll bar (or whatever it’s called) jumps to the top of the list after you load a song which really irritates me. Some of my crates (now playlists) have lots of tracks in them. If I’m 3/4 way down the playlist I have to scroll through loads of tracks just to get back to where I was. Very frustrating.

Do you mean that when you press LOAD and load the song into a deck, when you go back to the library you find it again on the first track at the top?

Are you using a local playlist or a streaming one (Tidal, Soundcloud, etc)?

Which sorting are you using? BPM?

Yes, exactly this. It goes back to the top. Im using local playlists on my internal drive.