Changing location of iTunes XML file?

I have a no standard iTunes setup, keep the XML file in an iCloud folder. Is there a way to change the default location where Engine P is looking for the XML file? as it is now I can’t get Engine to load my iTunes playlists.

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Not at this time. Perhaps in the future…,

Hi, I fully agree that the ear and the best tool for our work, the key I use only to speed up the search for the song that might approach the previous choice, since my music selection ranges on different musical genres, logical that the last word is to my ear and good taste, I think (31 years of work as dj)

I’ve just setup Engine Prime for the first time while placing EVERYTHING (iTunes, original media files, etc.) on an external flash drive. I setup a second drive (a massive NAS device) as a separate iTunes library for movies, family stuff, etc. The way I got this to work was by creating a symlink in my ~/Music folder in macOS. Engine seems to work fine with this.

I keep two scripts in my home directory…


ln -s /Volumes/DJAudio01/iTunes ~/Music/iTunes


ln -s /Volumes/QNAP/Multimedia/iTunes ~/Music/iTunes

And, finally, I have a link to my ~/Scripts folder on my dock.

Basically, when I need to switch, I simply do the following:

  1. Close iTunes & Engine
  2. Click the icon on my dock for the iTunes library I want to use
  3. Open iTunes (and Engine, if needed)

It’s not an elegant solution, but it works. I hope this helps.

(Side note: Any time I alter anything on my flash drive, I clone it to a second.)