Change waveform display to horizontal over/under?

What i want: image

What i have now after update: image

Sorry for this simple question but im pulling my hair out :crazy_face: Edit: If it isnt good to see. The horizontal wavefors right now are side by side. I want it to be like it was earlier: over/under themselves. Like the 3d film formats :kissing_heart: o/u

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it´s a known topic about this update … same here with Prime 4, hopefully they will give us the option to change it eventually … i can get used to it but still, loved the older look


Woah thats not the answer i hoped for :woozy_face: But thanks. So. Hm. Yes. Lets arrange with this compressed view… arrrgghhhhh Its not about love, i have trouble identifying key moments in tracks i usually had no trouble to be sure about when to go. Im pretty sure i maybe cant adapt and im wearing my glasses.

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I’m with you, on the small screen of the Prime Go I’d rather have a larger horizontal waveform than more veritcal space

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I was surprised about this too. I prefer the original. Be good to be able to switch back.

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