Change key of a track with SC5000

change key of a track with SC5000 without changing tempo, it’s possible?

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Not yet, but in theory it could be possible to let the tempofader work like a keychanger. Just like when u have keylock off and changed the tempo. Maybe in the future we could changed tempo and key, and then lock the ‘new’ key with keylock. But maybe that asks too much computing power from our work horse… I sure hope it can be done in the future! Alternatly one could change tempo, with keylock off, record the track in a more suitable key and have it like that. #workaround


iirc that could be done with my Numark Axis 9’s back in 2005 :sweat_smile:


Elliot Marx da man! 2001 the Axis 8’s had all that stuff.

Yeah I’ve just realised I can no longer do this after moving from Pio to Den. Hope something can be done about it soon :weary:

Pioneer can do that?

I used my old Pioneer DDJ XP1 with Rekordbox to key up or down regular.

You mean Rekordbox as the DJ software not just for track offloading? The XP1 is a controller or is that standalone hardware? All DJ software I’ve used can change key independent of pitch.

Yes the software as the XP1 is only a controller.