Change BPM on Prime 4 unit

What’s up good people! Has anyone found a way to edit bpms on the prime 4 unit while DJing. This is frustrating. Thanks

At the moment its only possible to double or half the BPM on the Prime Units.

It has been a wish for more than 1.5 year, but nothing has happened yet. (SC5000 units) (you could find it in the Feature Request section and give it a Line)

We all keep our fingers crossed that it will happen some day…


Hi @djramonclark24, thanks for posting. As @Engell stated, it is only possible to double or half the BPM of tracks on the PRIME Series hardware. Check out the Better BPM Editing on the PRIME 4 thread and like it if you think this is something that would improve PRIME 4!

Would really love this feature on the P4! So you can re-adjust the BPM from false analyzing on the fly with the mighty machine itself! This can also be necessary/ helpful with tidal tracks which have incorrect BPM data after analycing!

BTW: Rekordbox nor Serato never did the full job on BPMs! So if Engine Prime gets an update it also should do a step further in this BPM story!

I’m seeing now, what I thought of as being “selective amnesia” on your part as plain and simple selfishness and contemptible jealousy, in my opinion.

It’s still my opinion that you’re on your own one man propaganda trip. And to avoid amnesia kicking in still further, here’s what Jason at Denon DJ said as a reply last time you took this stance:

“Stirring up the community by posting “Hey Denon DJ you forgot about me!” frankly isn’t accurate or fair to our team.

Our products evolve further than any other DJ product in the industry. It’s disappointing to see posts like this that seem to forget that. :disappointed_relieved:

Ok, there are three features that you you you you you want. You twist topics about other feature request around so that you can mention your three “must haves” in other peoples topics. Worst still the absence of everyone at Denon DJ dropping everything else across all product ranges, to bring you your three feature cravings, elicits the “nothing much has happened in 1.5 years” propaganda from you.

An incredible amount has happened in the last year and a half. Just because your three wishes haven’t become publicly implemented (yet?) doesn’t justify your “nothing much” verbal inaccuracies.

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Jebus, I hope they pay you well … :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason I raise this question, which is in my full right, is that I sat down and reviewed a pile of old wishes from many people, and if you just plain and simple search for “BPM” you will be able to see how many wishes there is in that area and how long they go back.

But correctly, I say that in my opinion these are the 3 things that should have happened long ago.

And my opinion, I am definitely entitled to have without you to run around and play judge, and flag my post.

I also write that yes some things have happened along the way, but again if you take a look at the changes / additions that have happened, there are really some basic things missing. Still after so long.

And I don’t expect them to throw everything they have in their hands to fulfill “my” desires - I know that’s not going to happen. And that’s not the purpose of the posting either.

I’m just not another sheep in the pack, I’m a user who allows myself to ask those critical questions. And if you don’t ask questions, you get no answers.

I had a good chat with Jason after the last time, what was said is between me and him, and you are welcome to think what you do … He knows that its not some kind of propaganda trip.

Have a great day. :slight_smile:


Improved Bpm edit on the players and EP is long overdue.

Another reason for this will be streaming. I believe the players have to analyse those tracks for Bpm. How does one correct/edit a wrong value?


  1. one can’t do that in EP, as they are streamed tracks,

  2. You also don’t have the tag workaround

So there goes that.

Basic : serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function [BASIC]

Requirement something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else

Suggested implementation

Enter Beat Grid mode

Hold shift

Turn Jog wheel clock wise expands the grid spacing- Decrease BPM

Turn jog wheel counter clock wise contracts/shrink grid spacing - Increase BPM

Anchor for non quantized tracks - In grid mode tap CUE in line with play head indicator = Adjust Grid From Here mode


If I’m understanding this right, it won’t help on tracks with Manual drumming, only tracks with drum machines. Still a good idea though.

What isn’t good is Engell - I dumped a guy like you once, very very quickly. We get it, something wronged you a few years back and you can’t get any of your bitterness satisfied unless you stab denon 10 times a week. Wronged: yeah we get it. Bitter: yeah we get it. Stab stab stab, yeah enough now

This part will help with manual drumming.

Engine Prime does not offer flexible grids yet but it offers warping.

Warping fixes the grid to a consistent tempo, just like Ableton

@mufasa Word! In the technical way :grinning:

Hi @DJ_Didi

First of all, I’m actually sorry that what I write is interpreted as it does.

Maybe it’s because English is not my native language, maybe it’s because of cultural differences (even in Western countries, there are cultural differences as well) or maybe it’s just because I open my mouth and say my opinion.

I am from Denmark - the country with Jantelov (do not think you are better than others) and Hygge - the special Danish thing all other countries cannot describe. I was born and grew up taught to say my opinion - yes, sometimes it would create “enemies”, but in the end you can better respect the people who are honest.

I’m not trying to run some propaganda stuff, and I’m actually really tired of it being what I get thrown back in my head.

People who have been through the experiences I have, learned the things that I have, will know how it is and will be able to talk about it. Others can only either learn from it or dont care - and that’s fine.

But to make a small understandable example, such a basic thing as the one with the BPM part would be to go out and buy a car and when you get home you are told that you can not tune your radio yet - but the carcompany are working on it. so the answer is “soon”.

And 1.5 years later, there is still no solution, but still the answer “soon”.

Ah yes, there are also your fog lights - they are there, but they can’t be used yet either. But “soon.”

It’s just a small example of how to view things - you can see things in many ways.

I’m not saying that other people are wrong with their opinion (Jantelov) but at the same time I will also be allowed to have my own opinion.

I didn’t tag Nekoro for putting him or Denon in a bad light, but more because I personally think that’s one thing that should be a focus. It may very well be thats in focus behind the curtain - we don’t know.

But having to wait for such a thing for half, a full, or 1.5 years more, will be unheard of.

I put a lot of effort into saying things honestly as I experience them, but at the same time I also do my best not to force my attitude over the heads of others just because they are of a different opinion.

There is none of the above that is in any way intended negatively to Denon, but that is only to tell you why I am as direct and skinless honest as I am.

I have the greatest respect for Nekoro and Jwill and the work they put in to this forum.

Have a great day. :slight_smile:

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Even inyour apology explanation, you just couldn’t resist mentioning your wish list.

It’s fine that you have an opinion. It’s kinda fine that you’re direct. It’s kinda ok that you’re skinless honest (Although in SA, people disappear for less sometimes) but, as I said, we get it, we get it, we get it.

We won’t get it any more vividly by you stabbing it in our faces twice a day. We won’t get it any less vividly if you put a sock in it for a month between each stab. Surely you’re not thinking that denon will bring your three wishes out faster the more you stab away at it, in some sorta crazy idea of mentions making motivation. You’re not the only one with a wish list. You’re not the only one saying your wishes are the most basic essentials. You’re also not the only one who’s waited 1.5 years. Some have waited longer.

We. Get. It

We don’t need twice daily reminders

I’m not trying to stab anything or anyone - but when the topic is up, I think it’s ok to mention.

It’s not because I create a new thread about the same thing every day.

And I haven’t sneaked my wishlist into the excuse. I had to take a topic that was useful and made sense in the example.

I’m also not pushing my wishes upon others - I can only speak for myself and not for others, except for those who likes my posts.

As I mention it may very well be thats in focus behind the curtain - we don’t know.

And if another person takes up the topic, as threadstarter here did, then I see no problem in mentioning that it is something that we have been asking for a long time, and therfor it might be closer than we know of.

But I have no intention of discussing with you and there is no reason for us to move away from the topic that threadstarter made, so I´ll just wish you a really good day :slight_smile: