Challenge with playlist

I am using the latest engine DJ software and Prime firmware. I have had an interesting issue happening ever since 2.0. When I create playlists in Engine DJ on my computers C drive and fill it with several songs a duplicate playlist is created automatically on my Prime 4 SSD drive which is permanently mounted in my Prime 4. And that is awesome. However, typically all the songs that I put in the playlist duplicate on my Prime 4 hard drive playlist with no problem except for one or two, sometimes three songs are random songs from my collection. It’s the oddest thing. So to overcome it, I typically copy all the songs in the playlist I created on the computer’s hard drive and paste them into the playlist on my Prime 4 hard drive and everything works fine. I am wondering if anyone else is having that issue or if anyone knows why that would happen. Thank you!

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Hi, I have updated too and experienced the same kind of issues like you did. Duplicated playlists, etc… Kind anoying…