CDJ's with mc7000?

Hi everyone im new here and relatively new to controllers although I’m an old school dj of 28 years… and it feels great to be back in the game :slight_smile: …i recently picked up a brand new denon mc7000 at a great price. I’ve had it for about a week and everything seems to be running fine with both serato and vdj although I have a few questions regarding software behaviour but they are for other posts I will soon put up, for now I just need to know if i can connect 2 x cdjs to my mc7000 stand alone mixer on channels 3 and 4 without the need of purchasing the dvs expansion pack? In the case of a gig, id like to take 2 x cdjs incase the computer packs itself. I was considering using my 1200s but the days of carting them around are well and truly over. Thanks

What’s up @Djob,

You can connect external sources through channels 3&4 and play your old-school records or CDs. If you plan on using Serato DJ Pro with either your CDJs or Turntables, you will need to purchase the DVS expansion pack from Serato, otherwise, Serato will not recognize them as control surfaces. In additon, you will need to purchase the timecoded Control Vinyl (turntables) or download the Control CD timecode (CDJ) to use your players.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for your reply. Im surprised to learn that I can incorporate my 1200s with the software with the expansion even though i have no desire to do this. I thought you needed special turntables to achieve this. But great to know nothing is needed to run cdjs stand alone. So besides a second computer which I dont have, is using cdjs as a back up the way to go in your opinion? Or is there an easier more portable solution. Also what can a tablet be used for. I’ve seen a video where a guy had his playlist on a tablet (I think)

If your concern is having a backup at gig in the event that your laptop crashes, then using your CDJ’s would be a good option. Some DJs will use a tablet or their phone to provide emergency music during an event.

Personally, I’ve been using Serato with a Macbook Pro with no failure. This has served me well for 10+ years. Currently, I’m using 15-inch Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) which I picked it up on ebay serveral years ago for around $500 (U.S.). I keep my music library on a 1TB SSD external drive. The only back I bring is a USB stick loaded with my high rotation tracks. I’ve never had a need to have a back up music source (fingers crossed).

Agreed. Its a just incase scenario…like a wedding… I have seen computers let us down just like anything, especially with an OS… its a small price to pay for piece of mind. 2 x cdjs extra equipment is nothing for someone who use to cart half my garage around town lol. I see your point, pcs are pretty reliable these days. I have a Windows i3 7th gen… no glitches whatsoever…Thanks for your help man

Glad I was able to help. I feel your pain with the crates of records. I still have racks of vinyl from those days. It’s so much easier now (thank you technology). If we were able to time-machine transport many of today’s DJs back to the 80’s & 90’s, they would quit just because of the cost of vinyl, the weight of those crates, the before-the-event-digging-in-the-crates organizing, the “should I buy this entire album JUST for ONE song” dilemma, the sore backs, sore limbs, etc.

The rawness back then made it appealing to the few willing to endure, but today’s technology make it more fun and accessible to the many.

Yep, got plenty of those - import albums too. Also after hearing one song by a new artist, you buy the album thinking it’s going to be fantasic…only to find out it’s awful. :roll_eyes:

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There’s no guessing you guys also go way back. Yeah I agree about the bulkiness of vinyl, by back is still suffering lol… yep, use to import my music from floppy disc and anthem records in sydney…BUT hey, we use to have followers for our "imported"music, no internet, no downloads…which gave us true followers. If i did u a mix tape and you left it in the sun or on top of your fridge or it was stolen lol then the only way you could get another copy was to come back to me. How can we forget he sponsorship from record labels if you had a club with a good capacity…it was rare to “know a dj” back then. But I do love the possibilities todays technology brings, it makes you want to do more things with your mixing, all im saying is that its a different game these days which kind of makes it exciting, just not as exclusive

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Can you use the effects? I hooked up my turntables and only the filter knob works on channels 3 and 4.

MC7000 has no effects on board, it relays only on software effects in Serato or VDJ. If Your turntables are not routed to send signal to the computer, the effects from the software will not work. Filter is build in the internal mixer, so this works without the computer.

I’m able to route it in traktor. Do you know how to route it in Serato?

I didn’t tried it in Serato. In Traktor yes- it is easy.

It’s not sending any signal into serato. DVS time code records also don’t work.

In order for DVS to work you’ll need to purchase the Serato DVS expansion pack directly from DVS will be recognized on channels 3 & 4. Be sure to check out the support articles on Serato’s website.

Here’s a link to the MC7000 page on The page contains link to the MC7000 Quick Start Guide.

Thank you again. I have the dvs expansion pack. It appears to be enabled. Page shows the calibration windows but no audio signal is present. When i open us the normal sound config in windows it shows all the different channels and the level meter shows a signal. But nothing in serato.

Glad to help,

In Serato Settings under Expansion Packs, make sure you have Vinyl/CD Control checked:

Also make sure to set Channels 3 & 4 for REL(relative mode) not INT (internal): Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 8.56.08 PM

Next you might have to calibrate the tables Check this out:

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