Cases for LC6000

Hi - I really like my LC6000 and I want to take it out to events, so I’m looking for case. Preferably a lightweight hardshell case in the style of the Magma CTRL cases or UDG Creator series.

I’m having difficulty finding a fitting case because the LC6000 is a nonstandard size. Any help is appreciated.

Not a soft case but Swan Flight in the UK will make you a coffin case for them, if they don’t already do one. They are beasts though and quite heavy.

Edit: they do one but it’s not cheap, bombproof though. I use them for my records.

UDG hardcase for XDJ700 does not fit by dimensions?

No, the XDJ700 is quite a bit smaller - 9.4" x 12.1", vs the LC6000 at 14.2" x 12.6".

What makes it tricky is that the LC6000 is wider than standard CDJs. idjnow sells this Gator bag in a package with the LC6000 so I know it would fit: Gator Cases G-MIXERBAG-1515 Mixer / Gear Bag | IDJNOW

Still, I just want a decent lighweight case!


Maybe a hardcase for a Prime2,4, XDJ-RX, RX2 where you could put 2x LC6000 side by side or top to top?

I think flightcases for controllers is the worst option, the whole point of controllers is to be light(er) and more portable.

I only have one unit, so I need a single case. But I think I found one that works!

This lists the LC6000 as compatible and it will fit close enough. It will be slightly too long but no big deal.


Yeah, for some reason completely forgot about Magma case, they were THE thing in the beginning for controllers.

Anyway, this reminds me why I didn’t went for the LC6000+DJ software route when they released it: unnecessarily big space footprint (height) for a deck controller unit. If I cannot put decksaver on it and put two in my backpack then it’s not for me.

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