Case Options For Prime Gear Revisited [Flying]

So I’m preparing to do a multi country tour & I’m trying to come up with the best solution for a case for a minimum of 2 SC5000 players + X1800 Mixer w/ all deck savers covering the items. I’ve come down to 2 cases. Pelican 1650 and Pelican 1615 Air. Air is 10-15lbs lighter but it may not be as wide. But 1650 has been confirmed to fit 2 SC5000s laying flat + X1800 lying flat on top + everything has one layer of foam between and deck saver covers. Anyone in here using the Pelican Air 1615 case for their Prime gear? My tour begins in December but trying to plan accordingly. The 1660 is the behemoth one that everyone seems to use but I’ve used it and it’s quite a lot for one person without assistants and especially with traveling to multiple destinations. I keep going back and forth with the dimensions of the 1615 Air vs regular 1650

Not sure how and with how many you’ll travel but putting the 3 items in 1 case will result in a very large case and an heavy case.

This would not be my preference, but really personal.

I would rather go for 3 cases which are smaller and lighter but yes you can’t carry all 3 in 1 go.

Currently have 3 prodjuser flightcases a dn pretty pleased with them and pretty sure the decksavers can stay on.

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I was looking at a case the other week where there were two SC5000s and an X1800, all vertical (with the case being flat on the floor, the open side upwards.

I think the 1660 should fit. While bulky, it obviously (like the 1615 and 1650) has trolley wheels and a handle. So transporting it around airports and such shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And you can always let your cab drivers lift it in the trunk :wink:

Pluck-foam will allow you to shape the compartments to exactly fit your gear.

The 1615/1660 are 23,5 or so deep. With decksavers you are looking at ca. 15cm for the 5000s and 12 for the mixer. Together 27cm. So I have a hard time imagining how you could stack the mixer on top of the players and still be able to close the box. And that is without any padding between the two.

I am not a great graphics guy, but it would look something like this:

Prime Case


That layout is similar to mine, i use the 1660 case. Hey dominic you may be able to do this same layout with the 1637 air case. but your right the 1660 case is a beast but at least you can travel knowing your gear is protected.

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Thank for taking the time to write this, upon receiving my 1637 I realized it would not be an ideal solution due to it not being deep enough. The hunt continues to try to avoid the 1660. Currently weighing out options with the 1640, and some SKB options and I keep jumping back & forth between either 2 or 3 player setup.

Yes that is something I keep jumping back and forth with. The weight / size vs protection. But also on a realistic note. Taking this gear across multiple countries without any assistance is already a task itself. If it was one destination and a short amount of time I wouldn’t mind but I plan on visiting at least 3-4 countries. I will also have my carry on and backpack and the thought of weather being cold rainy & snowy is something I have to consider. My carry on has been through war with no issues & I expect the same for my next case for DJ gear but simply in a lighter package.

It could be worse. Traditional flight-cases would be much heavier and awkward!

As you can see by the picture (and this is the picture I was referring to in my original reply!), without the power thingy and doing the one over the other flipped, you’d have space left for a third SC-5000 as well.

So, either carry or rent locally. In the first case I think this is a very nice, professional solution that will keep your gear in one (working) piece.