Case for P4?

Can I get recommendations for a case for the Prime 4.

Saw the Magma Denon Prime 4 DJ Controller Case (MGA40994)

but also like the laptop shelf of the

Harmony HCMCX9000LT Flight Glide Laptop Stand DJ Custom Case

Would love recommendations

magma is good for me - tight fit / flush to the top of the unit

the swan case looked like it exposed the unit too much with the top off

depends how much you wanna spend - after these 2 the price kinda hikes (last time i looked )


the magma coffin (#MGA40994) looks great.

I landed up ordering my Prime 4 from B&H and they had a kit available where you get the black/black ProX Denon Prime 4 coffin (SKU: XS-PRIME4 WBL) for free, essentially the same price as Amazon for just the Prime 4. Amazon only had one Prime 4 left the day before I ordered and is the reason I even checked other sites).

I think the ProX will work. If it doesn’t, I’ll order another coffin.

i would have bought that over the magma if i had seen it at the time! nice find

That might be a good thing for ventilation, especially if you’re DJing for extended periods and/or in hot or humid places

hadn’t considered that good point

I ordered the silver pro x flight case Havn’t gotten it yet tho. Flight Case for Denon Prime 4 Standalone DJ System with Wheels | ProX Live Performance Gear

i remember them now from when i was looking . they look unavailable on this side of the atlantic :frowning: very nice tho

I got the magna. Snug fit and its doesn’t let the prime move around at all. Its a quality build and the handle takes the weight well.

Hope this helps

Hi guys,

I have a Swan case, it works great and if you order with flight panels option it is much lighter than any other.

I have a swan case for mine and am happy with it. Yes it does sit high when the lid is off like others have mentioned but atleast it helps with ventilation…IT’s a really snug fit when in.

If anyone wants to know Decksaver fits over Prime 4 while in a ProX case with lid off. With some slight foam modifications to the ProX case lid you could pack it with the Decksaver on protecting the top of the Prime 4 even more.

I had a hard case but didn’t like the ENORMOUS weight it added. I’m not hard on my equipment, so for the last two years I’ve been using a molded shell bag from Odyssey. It’s lightweight and protects well.

[quote=Tiller If anyone wants to know Decksaver fits over Prime 4 while in a ProX case with lid off. [/quote]

^^^ YES…

I love my ProX Denon Prime 4 coffin and the Decksaver combo (I did get the ProX Free with my Prime 4


I have a Magma black case (not hard) designed for prime 4, it cost not too much (bought on baxshop), and i can put my P4 with its deck-saver (and power cable under the screen). It’s light and easy to carry, protected as well. Very satisfied at all!

Of course, for plane travelling for exemple, hard case will be better than mine.


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I went for the Odyssey low profile Black Label case… It looks great, Solid, construction, Fits well, Protects well… But does add a lot of weight…

custum case. weight is completely crazy but set up time is below a minute. if i dont know the location or there are many many stairs, i also have a ctrl bag so i can decide.

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IMO… The Odyssey and the Magma soft cases would be the perfect light weight, light duty case if only the top could be fully zipped off. :blush:

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This is the case I have been using since launch and I still love it.