Case for MC6000MK2?

Hi everyone,

I looking to buy a case for this controller. Can someone tell me the right model number? Specially, someone who already own one and can recommend it.

Thank you in advance.

When I had the mk1 I had a case with one of those sliding platforms. I adapted it so I could screw the 19" “ears” down for better protection. I would never get a sliding platform again. Keep my laptop on it’s own stand to the side now.

Check this out:

If it’s a flight case you’re after, UDG have got your covered with the U91019BL.

It’s great to see popular user from other well known DJ Forums…

Thank you all for your answer.

Odyssey makes a good 6000 case with and with out the sliding laptop tray. I have used both.

I tend to prefer using a laptop stand vs the sliding shelf as you can customize the exact height and location of the laptop vs the sliding shelf.

My reason to not use the shelf is that it sticks out to far in front. Being a mobile DJ I have people coming really close.

same with me… Another thing. if your old and lazy like me i find the sliding cases are bigger and heavier compared to the non sliding.