Carry case for SC Live 2

Hey guys! Former Prime 4 owner, current SC6000 owner. I have just purchased SC Live 2, seems like perfect travel companion!

I’m having a hard time locating cases listed as compatible. I assume because such a new product. Can anyone recommend?

I’d prefer something slim like Magma Carry-Lite series - but which version or size?


I’d say wait a few weeks and I’m sure Magma will release one. I pair their case up with a deck saver for my prime 2 and it works a charm.

Problem is I have to travel with it 11/16! :exploding_head:

A Prime2 case is too small. All you can do atm is to check measurements.

You might end up with an RX3 case by Magma or other brand.


Pack it in its original box for this one trip maybe?

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Yeahh I pack it in the original box. It’s a little bigger but does the job fine :slight_smile:

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Just to update everyone, I ended up with an RX3 case which jus came in. I will have to add extra padding because the SC Live 2 seems about 2 inches smaller in every dimension, but otherwise this should work. Also loving this little controller so far!

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I was wondering how you manged to fit the SC 2 into the RX3 case because the dimensions for SC 2 are 678x99x391 and the RX3 are 725x75x374 so it seems wide enough but not high enough or deep enough? Thanks