Capacidad usb

Hola cuál es la máxima capacidad del USB que acepta denon sc5000?

The maximum recommend collection is 10.000 tracks. Size ia limited by formatting method (FAT32 or exFAT). Some users are using up to 4tb drives.

Tengo USB 128gb y no lo detecta. Pc si lo detecta

Format the stick as exFAT.

Format to mbr exFAT. I personally use 128 and 256Gb sticks, and 512GB external SSD.

Si es exfat… Pero no lo lee. El problema puede ser que no es de marca ? Gracias

Use a well known good brand like SanDisk.

There is no real limit on size. Certainly 128GB is very small.

How can then my collection of over 100000 tracks work smoothly on the SC5000’s? And many folks here also have a more than that also working fine. 10000 track limit was on old denon gear, not anymore.

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Recommended is not supported :smiley: I strongly believe it can run smoothly with way more than 10.000 tracks…but it may be recommended in the manual to stay under 10.000 tracks to avoid slow loading/searching with big collections on crap sticks/drives