Can't update existing playlists without reimporting everything! (Rekordbox)

I want to re-update my Engine Prime Library again, so I updated my Rekordbox Library via the .xml.

I want to update some of the playlists, as they have new songs in them.

However, when I right click → Import as Playlist is greyed out. I assume this is because the playlist of the same name already exists in my Engine Prime library.

How do I add the new songs from the rekordbox library playlist to the engine prime library playlist without deleting the engine prime library playlist and reimporting the entire thing?

I asked this question on the 26th July (2.5 weeks ago) on the Denon DJ Facebook group but got no response. Please help me!


You cant do it how you would hope to.

Import is a one time operation

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Well that’s rubbish.

So how can I update existing Engine Prime playlists easily from Rekordbox?

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Delete and Reimport as crate.


So there’s no way to do it without reimporting the entire playlist. Even if the old playlist and new playlist has 1 song difference?

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Not that i’m aware of unfortunately.

See the request and :heart: it


Yes this is correct


I was so excited about the cross compatibility here. Don’t get me wrong, you guys at Denon did an amazing job and sold me on the idea of transfering over to Denon since I was able to import my 6k or so tracks with cue points, loops etc. But this needs a fixing and it needs it fast.

I update my DJ playlists frequently in Rekordbox for when I play out in venues that use Pioneer but really need that same USB to update and be usable on my Denon here at home. I can imagine this being a big limiting factor for many professionals that want to do all the library maintenance from Rekordbox and only want to do the occasional Engine refresh/update.