Can't rearrange, re-organize playlist

I don’t know what is going on, but in my collection I can’t drag playlist around to update them.

I make a playlist, and if I try to drag it onto another one as you would expect, it just gives me a big red circle and doesn’t let me. EXTEMELY ANNOYING

I have the same problem, I hope they will solve this fast…

I’m having problems with re-ordering a large playlist. I put the list into track number order, select the track I want to move, mouse click it and drag it up the list. The result is the busy banner appears for a few seconds, then shows “No Jobs Running” but nothing has moved.

Why can’t we have a way of re-ordering our playlist tracks, without running a job, all in one go, and THEN run the job by pressing a “PROCESS” button or something.

Another work round would be Export the playlist (which already exists as a .CSV file) re-ordering it in EXcel or MAC equivelent, then simply re-importing the playlist (This function does NOT currently exist).

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