Can't open Engine 2.0 Desktop- "Your Music folder can't be accessed"


I upgraded from 1.6 to 2.0 desktop and the program won’t open. The message states “Your Music folder can’t be accessed. Check the drive containing the music folder is connected and has write permissions enabled.”

Windows 10 - The previous engine folder is still in my c:/music folder. Write permissions enabled. No new database files/folder were added there after installation. I uninstalled engine, reinstalled and got the same result.

Prior to updating desktop, I updated my sc5000’s OTA and used a previous USB stick with them no problem. USB now contains “database 2” folder, when inserted into pc, desktop engine will not open either.

Any ideas on what to do?

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update: shut down pc, went to open 2.0 and got the same message “Your music folder…” plus a new message “A version of Engine DJ is already running.” Happened a few times, then restarted pc and when opening 2.0 got “your music folder” message only. Deinstalled 2.0, installed 1.6.1. shut down pc, open 1.6.1 got both messages. Then ran as admin got only “your music…”

I’m fine starting an all new music folder, reimporting, analyzing etc on 2.0, but i cannot get the program to open,

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I have exactly the same problem, happened once with version 1.6 and now its back to its roots. Tried uninstalling and repairing, neither of them worked for me, nor did changing the permissions and open them to practically everyone.

Thanks in advance if someone brings some light into this.

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I realize what happened - I’d forgotten that a month ago I turned on Windows Folder protection security feature which blocked Engine and other programs from reading my music folder, etc. Once I disabled that i was able to get 2.0 to open. Do you have any security feature like that enabled?

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