Cant move playlist

Hi. I cant move up or down my playlist. A symbol appears with a prohibited sign. Thanks

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Moin @RTM10310,

imo easy action:


  • fix “Wardell” with your mouse (the prohibiton sign appears)

  • Move the playlist while pressing the mouse to the ponint you want —> between “Chad” and “Deputy”



I hope this will help you a little bit and good luck

Brgds BeatMaster

Hi, thanks, I try but I can’t move them.

Are you doing it in the collection pane or the drives pane?

You have to kind of drag the mouse to the left of the playlist names I think and it should start moving it.

Moin @RTM10310 and @STU-C,

sorry to read this.

Next attempt.

Imo it works in both panes (Engine Library —> playlist collection or drives —> playlist collection).

  • You have to hold firm the name of the playlist with your mouse (normally left).
  • Be patient till the brohibited sign will be highlighted.
  • Keep on holding firm the name of your playlist with your mouse
  • Move slowly to the point where you want to move it.
  • A white line will appear
  • then release the fix of the mouse
  • The playlist should have been moved to the new position

But have a look between two playlists, sometimes (if you shiver a little) you open a sub playlist

Good luck and pls keep us posted

Brgds BeatMaster

In the collection it is not possible to do this but if you open the DRIVE tab, and select the unit where the music is, the playlist appears and in this place you can move it wherever you want. Thanks!

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Probably because they are ‘imported playlists’

Where are they imported from?

From pc. Cheers

Moin @RTM10310,

glad to read that you are successful.

Could you pls be so kind as to mark this post as “solved” (ticking the click box).

Thank’S in advance and enjoy the holiday.

Brgds BeatMaster

There is a video how to do it!

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