Can't login with Firefox anymore

Hopefully I post this in the right section. A few days ago, there were some temporary issues with the website. Since then, I can’t login with Firefox anymore. When pressing the login button, nothing happens. This is also the case when starting FF in safe mode (apparently now called troubleshooting mode). In Chrome it works without issues.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

Can you help us understand what “the website” is? :slight_smile:

I had something similar the other day but not Denon related. I couldn’t fill out a form online with Firefox so used Chrome instead and it worked, not sure exactly what your problem is but strange things sometimes occur with the Firefox browser

Let me be more specific :slight_smile:

I go to, and press the user icon right above.

Then a notification “Welcome back, login to your account” is shown very briefly before it redirects me to the login dialog on

My credentials are filled in, I press sign in and nothing happens, rather than I am actually logged in and redirected back to

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of websites are tested only with Chrome because this covers the majority of users. This can result in not correct working, or in the worst case, broken stuff on other webbrowsers.


Try clearing out cache and cookies

Thanks. First thing I did but that didn’t resolve it. As mentioned I even started Firefox in safe mode (now “troubleshooting mode”) but even that didn’t help.

Re: Denon Community login, I use Firefox on Mac here. No problems recently. I leave it logged in and it opens logged in. There were problems a few months ago for a few hours, but they resolved.

  • Other browsers are available

Thanks for confirming that you have no issues with Firefox, although you use a Mac. I will do some more tests, meanwhile I will use Chrome as a work-around.

Thank you for stating the obvious.

It’s a workaround, a way to get onto the forum through one of the established browsers

Top Browsers Market Share

  • Chrome60.53%
  • Safari26.31%
  • Edge5.32%
  • Samsung Internet2.6%
  • Firefox2.46%
  • Other2.77%

What’s your point?

Simply that if FF isn’t working as well as other browsers then try a more mainstream browser, at least until FF sorts itself out.

Some things maybe shoulda stayed as a reasonable Clint Eastwood film :airplane:

No problem logging in via up-to-date Firefox on Windows 10 (Bootcamp on an older MacBook). Check your anti-virus and firewall? Could just be network anomaly too.

I already mentioned in the first post that I can still login with Chrome. I am very well aware that Firefox has little marketshare. However it worked before and a website like this should work with any generic browser. With the info I have now I can’t be sure that the issue is with Firefox itself. So it made sense to open this topic.

Your comments add nothing to this topic. And in the brief time I joined the forum I’ve seen you doing that multiple times. It might be an option to consider to just not respond if your post doesn’t contribute anything useful.


Thanks for thinking with me and confirming Firefox just works on your side. I will sort it out further. It is a bit remarkable that the issue started when the website was down briefly, but that can still be a coincidence of course.

Just logged in with Firefox with no problems, hope you get it sorted out :crossed_fingers: and welcome to the forum :wink:

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Thanks, I appreciate it :pray: