Can't install Engine Prime software

Tried several times to install version 1.3.2 (WIN 10, all updates done) and always getting same message : Setup failed - error 0xfffffff7. Tried everything I’ve read about that : running as administrator, checking Windows install service is running, installing from an usb key… It seems to hang at the end of the installation, just after DirectX, displaying “processing Engine Prime”. Progress bar goes a little back and I get the “setup failed message”.

Yes, it’s running

Hi @ydtconcept,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties. Could you provide the installer log? See the steps below.

  1. Open cmd.exe as administrator
  2. Drag the installer exe into the cmd window. It should populate the path to the installer.
  3. Enter extra parameters at the end of the installer exe to get log files out. e.g. c:\Users\username\Downloads\Engine_Prime_1.3.2_Setup.exe /log C:\install.log
  4. Go to C:\ drive and copy the the install.log file

Try reinstalling the graphics card drivers. Then a fresh DirectX is also written. It went well for me after that.

Also cant get this to install and im getting the same error and i cant do the cmd as it doesnt do a thing either.

Installed new gfx drives and made no difference either.

Did you get anywhere? I had it running by now opens about half way then stops

HELP (Done every thing listed on You tube)

Hello, i have trouble installing Engine Prime on my Notebook. I also tried to install older versions but the notebook keeps telling me “You have to install a newer version of windows”.

I have updated windows on the newest version. I have DirectX12 installed. I have a Lenovo Notebook with Windows 10 64-bit and 8Gb RAM on a Snapdragon 8cX @ 2.84GHz processor.

So far i tried nomal installation, installation in compatibilty mode, run installation as admin… Problem with any version from newest 2.2.1 to 1.6.1

Thankful for any help, Bieny

Disable Antivirus software then try?

Hello everybody, I’m experiencing the same installation problem as described by @ydtconcept . After a couple of crash of Engine Prime v.1.6.1, I’ve unintalled it and tried to reinstall it back again. Same “error 0xfffffff7” message pops-up, and the installation process ends. I’ve also tried to disable antivirus software as suggested by @AntiStar , but nothing has changed. My DirectX version is 12.

Unfortunately Engine Prime v. 1.6.1 seems to be the latest version that fits with Denon MCX8000, so without it I’m lost.

Thanks for (urgent) help!

Dear @GPez,

did you “google” for this error?

MicroSoft (Windows) reports on it. Phps there you will find some assistance / advise.

Good luck and don’t give up

Brgds BeatMaster

Yes I’ve googled it, but no insightful suggestions come out. The last change might be trying to install it into another laptop and then transfer the whole folder back to mine. Tonight i will try. Fingers crossed.

Ps: it’s quite annoying that the MCX8000 has been left in the back-burner with this old and full of bugs Engine Prime version… I’m tempted to left Denon and Engine products for other competitors.

Its quite an old unit now, and pre-dates the ‘Prime’ line of devices… im not sure you can form an opinion about the whole ecosystem from a 7 year old controller, by that logic you should be using the equivalent Pioneer device to form an opinion about how good their eco-system is.

Not sure you want to make that comparison.

Pioneer XDJ-R1, released in 2013, still has a option in Rekordbox 6 for export. Denon MCX8000, released in 2016, had that option removed in Engine Prime in 2021 (June).

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Was that not because InMusic had a full database rebuild? and could this removal not be an unfortunate consequence of that? I imagine there is some valid reason for not being ported over.

I understand your point, but dismissing a very good and not that old machine like the MCX8000 just because the software is not supporting you anymore seems a silly move to me, or at least a waste of money for the customer.

Anyhow, just for info: my last try of installing Engine Prime on another laptop and then transferring it finally worked out, fortunately. But this doesn’t change the thing that working with this one as last version is tricky and sometimes frustrating.

Peace and good vibes to everybody!