Can't Import iTunes Library to Engine DJ 3.4.0


I would like to transfer from my iTunes library to engine dj. However, this does not work because the playlists are not transferred one hundred percent, as I have added some songs from appple music to the itunes library in itunes. However, these are in m4p format, not mp4 but m4p. I just want to have my entire library in Engine DJ so that I can use it nicely with my Prime 4.

Can you please finally fix this, the error has been there for a long time. Even Winamp was better. I hope they fix this very fatal error. It must be possible to import your entire library without errors.

please help me.

My advice, Ditch Apple having any involvement in your library organisation and do it solely in your DJ software, this applies for all DJ software.

I would like to transfer my entire media library first, but this is not working properly. There is no button or similar anywhere, where does it say add all these folders to the Engine DJ library ?? and then there is the problem that Enigne DJ cannot read the m4p format.

Perhaps explained a little better again.

The software Engine DJ is running, the Itunes library is also running in the software, but the Engine library is not running properly and unfortunately this is not used by the Denon Prime 4 and not the Itunes library that is also available in the software. So how am I supposed to work in the (whatever) Engine Library section if I can’t add my song collection there? I don’t think the Engine DJ subdivision makes sense the way it is, can’t you just tell the Denon Prime 4 to use the Itunes library from the DJ software?