Can't Import iTunes Library to Engine DJ 2.0.0

I upgraded to Engine DJ and have been trying to do a fresh import of my files. I organize in Apple Music. My Apple Music library database is stored on my local drive in the default location but my music folder is on a NAS. I am able to see all my tracks in Engine DJ 2.0 but am unable to import them (I can play them in Engine DJ just fine). When I try to add a track or Import Collection or Import Playlist the jobs indicator progress bar does activate like it is importing but then when I go to my Engine DJ collection there is nothing there. I have a gig on Saturday, please help! MacOS 11.6 Mac Pro (Late 2013), Engine DJ 2.0.0.


Engine DJ does not work with NAS “yet” officially

Ok thanks. Hopefully soon!

Actually this seems to not be the problem. Moved my library to main drive and can’t get any tracks import to collection. Can see them just fine in the iTunes section (also tried Rekordbox, exhibits same behavior). Tried Engine Prime 1.6.1 and also have the same problem. Not sure what this issue could be. This is a new Big Sur install on a new Aura drive in my Mac Pro 2013 model. Everything else seems to be working fine but not this. I wonder if it could be a compatibility issue with the Aura drive? I kept getting this weird flash in 2.0.0 / 2.0.1 that would bring Engine DJ into focus when using other programs. An error message would pop up and then go away so quickly that I couldn’t read it at first. Finally got to see that it was trying to eject my main drive and the error was saying that it was in use and so shouldn’t be ejected. I was not trying to eject my drive, the program was trying to do that on its own.

Please help I am unable to load any new tracks into my collection. Thanks!

When I said Rekordbox import, I mean I imported my iTunes library to Rekordbox, which worked just fine and then exported the rekordbox library to import into engine DJ/prime, so the issue seems specific to Engine.

Exactly the same problem here but I use a Windows laptop instead.

I can see (and play) all the playlists from iTunes in Engine Prime, but I’m unable import them into Engine.

My music folder is stored in a NAS server but it’s mapped locally into my laptop.

Any ideas how to manage this?

Please push the existing feature request about “EP to support NAS” here Link: