can't import any of my songs

I’ve recently purchased prime GO and installed engine prime on my mac to integrate with my traktor playlists, but I was unable to import any of them to the prime software and it seems because all of my music is stored on a partitioned hard-drive. Is there a fix for this or a way to work around this? my library and collection of 10 years just became useless i cant even drag and drop the songs into newly created playlists . please advise/help Thank you

As that “10 year” collection seems important to you I’d consider simply getting a new drive for your music collection, rather than just a partition. If something central or common on that drive fails, you’ll loose all partitions, not just one.

New drives are incredibly cheap, so consider getting two for home backup use and then as many as you need for on-the-road use. No one said DJing was going to be cheap. But after buying a Go, a few new hard drives will be cheap…er.

Is this internal drive on the Mac or External drive?

What happens when you try importing a traktor library?

thank you Nitebeatz, I have several backups for my music, it’s not loosing the music what I am concerned about its the lack of ability to import sorter out playlists into prime engine from external drives. most DJ softwares i’ve touched before supported this

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So where is your music? Internal Mac drive?

Thank you, yes internal hard drive that is partitioned, the music is in one of the partitions

if you drag music file from the partition to EP directly, does that work?

@mufasa nope, there is a work around but it’s time consuming i export my traktor playlists to the HD partition folder then import to engine then to SD card that i use on the GO then delete the temp folder with the playlist but its time consuming so its only a temp work around to get enough music to the SD card for my next gig.

Best to start a bug report and see if the devs can provide a solution.

So i’m guessing your first partition is where your MacOS is, and the second partition is for your music and stuff. But same drive?

@mufasa yes you assumed correctly, I found that if I create a new playlist directly on the SD (using the engine ) then I can drag and drop the songs from Traktor (or any other source) and it saves them so that solves the issue for me