Can't connect to Soundcloud

Once I try to log in to I get automatically redirected to Soundcloud Go+ check out page and nothing happens. There is no connect option and nowhere where to put the code. Please help!!!

Same thing is currently happening to me after having just used it a few days ago at a party. Would love a solution as well.

I had the same thing happen on my old prume 2. For some reason I couldn’t connect through the website that it was telling me to. I ended up doing a Google search and found a different link through soundcloud that worked for me to log in through.

I’m having the same issue here.

Just signed up for a trial, and now attempting to connect my Prime 4, but the link given on the Prime 4 screen just redirects to the normal login page, that doesn’t allow you to enter a code.

Solved it. For the record. In my case the problem is that my Soundcloud subscription was done from the apple store from my phone, I had to unsubscribe, and subscribe again directly to SoundCloud. A total pain!

Yeah, I did it via my Apple account too, but I did finally manage to get the code box up on my browser - after I’d signed in. Don’t ask me for the exact steps though. I just kept trying until it worked!

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