Cant connect to engine

Hi all, I’m new here so this is my first post and would like some advice if possible please?

I recently purchased some sc2900`s as a move into the digital world after spending years using vinyl, I love the denon units but I’m struggling with the newer technology mainly around engine. what I have managed to do is install engine 1.5 and have analysed some of my library, transferred it over to usb which works brilliantly and use the link setup but what I cant seem to do is get connected to engine.

The units are not showing up in asio, I have checked they are set to PC and midi is in normal but that is as far as I can get. is there something else I need to do or should it just be a case of plug n play?

I bought the units pre owned and they were set to mac when tried to set up initially, have I missed something?

My system is running windows 10, and I have installed quick time without any problems.

Engine has installed fine and had analysed about 500 tracks without any problems, the usb/link set up works fine but what I would like to do is to cut out the need for usb and load directly from engine ( if this possible?) my knowledge of using software of this nature is very limited so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

There are a few things to look at.

For one thing, when you say “MIDI is in normal”, do you mean that the players are showing up in a MIDI program? Like Virtual DJ or Serato ?

If not, bear in mind that Webcams and MIDI are mortal enemies. If you can disable or uninstall your webcam, it may help MIDI connectivity.

Hi DJ boothe and thanks for the reply

No I’m not running serato or dj, just engine at the moment. I read a thread about the sc2900 not showing in asio and to check the midi setting was in normal, my players are not showing as well so I checked the midi setting hence why I said it.

Should I be trying to connect to engine via link or midi? I suspect the previous owner may have used some type of software via a mac, could be why my units are not showing in asio or engine?

I`ll try the webcam, struggling with this now as the the units are seeing each other via link just not being seen by the laptop for some reason.

Also - are the 2900s plugged straight into the laptop or are they going into a USB hub?

I followed the set up guide that came with the units which is Ethernet cablesfrom each unit into a router (not internet connected) then Ethernet cable from router to laptop. I have tried an Ethernet cable from one unit directly into the laptop with no luck.

Should I be using usb cables from each unit directly into the laptop?!

What exactly are you trying to do??? You can use Engine 1.5 (hope you installed 1.5.2 and not 1.5.1) with your players in two ways (both use the same connection: ethernet cables from players into a router/hub and into the ethernet port on the laptop): 1.) Files are located on the USB stick plugged into the players (exported with Engine), Engine on laptop is used for browsing and loading the songs into the players 2.) Files are on the laptop with Engine, streamed to the players.

Use the 1. because if something goes wrong with the connection, playback on the players won’t stop.

Using Engine & players has nothing to do with midi & asio drivers.

Hi slayformoney Yes it’s definitely 1.5.2 for windows.

The first answer is what I would like do, to use engine for the waveform and select tracks that way. The tracks on the USB have been analysed with engine and work fine via usb/link. Just would prefer the bigger screen/features that engine can offer via a laptop. Is there a walk through I can use anywhere to make my understanding of engine and how I can use it clearer for someone like myself who has never used this kind set up before?


Hey SlayForMoney, where did you download Engine 1.5.2 all I can find on their site is 1.5.1?

It’s the windows version, I downloaded it from the denon dj site under sc2900 downloads :+1:

The Denon DJ site still had Engine 1.5.1 for Mac but I found a link in the Engine 1.5 forum on this site that worked for me.

Read the manual, minimum 3x times. Then watch this video.

PS If you have read the Engine and SC2900 manual 3x you will probably not need to watch the video to figure things out :smiley:

Product page for the MCX8000, on the bottom.

Thanks for that, I’ve read the manual and to be honest it’s making my head hurt a little :smiley:

I have found my internet security was blocking engine even though I allowed it through windows firewall, hopefully things should be a little easier from now on?!

My thoughts of how engine operates is quite different to the reality :joy::joy:

Thanks for your help, much appreciated :+1:

Hello everyone.

I wanted to connect my 3x SC2900 to ENGINE 1.5.2 (on Macbook OS Sierra) via ethernet port.

Unfortunately it doesnt work.

I installed the really oldest version of ENGINE (black and green icon :slight_smile: ) to see if firewall setting are good. There the players were displayed.

Please some advice.


Have you went through SC2900 user manual steps to connect to Engine 1.5.2?