Can't add tracks to Engine DJ from USB SSD


Can someone please tell me how to add tracks into EngineDJ from my external SSD (USB).

I have about 110,000 tracks organized in folders and subfolders, however when i drag and drop them into EngineDJ nothing happens…

So for example my SSD is named MUSIC, then there is a folder called ALL inside it are all the subfolders by artists and each folder has differnt subfolders in it etc…

I have also tried to do it from within the Engine DJ app and nothing.

I’ve seen several youtube videos and still no luck.


Do it in small batches. Drag and drop the individual sub folders first. Let engine dj process them in batches. Then You can make a parent list that will contain all the sub folders.


I have over 110,000 files, I’ll never finish if I do it this way…

There is no other way to add everything at once?


I have even more tracks. I just dragged and dropped folder by folder. It was faster this way, than all together.

I have 32,827 folders, one by one is not an option…

That looks like a mess. Why don’t you organise your music on a computer before importing to any program?

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Have you let Apple/iTunes organise your music?

I always switch that setting off when I get a new Mac and do my own. 32000 folders is unworkable for a DJ I would say.

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Hi all;

That folder structure is from apple music, there are just so many files versions etc… some of them have the ID3 tags wrong, but thats not the discussion here.

I have enabled keep music organized and disabled the copy files, to prevent duplicates.

As an update**

All the music inside apple music displays correctly, so i tried the importing collection from itunes into EngineDJ now all my music is being analyzed in the EngineDJ app.

So there must be something wrong when importing large music libraries into EngineDJ from the finder or the file browser, cause the itunes option is working correctly…

Do you get any warnings that your SSD file system is incompatible?

None, i formatted my brand new new SSD using disk utiliy exfat / mbr.

The disk is fine otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to import my itunes music into EngineDJ.


Here is proof that it worked importing from iTunes.

It now shows 121,176 analyzed tracks.