Cannot use Engine lighting

On a iMac running Mac OS Monterey, Engine DJ 2.1.0, Soundswitch 2.4 I have my entire library scanned, and exported multiple “venues” for lighting setups, when I try to load any of them to Engine Prime, it says. No Soundswitch Projects have been identified in the selected location.

resolved, it can be closed

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Good to see it’s resolved already! If you ever run into issues with identifying location again, you can also export from Soundswitch desktop itself and bypass Engine DJ

@djstevieray It’s great to know that it was resolved, bit how? I’m having the same problem. Works sometimes, others not. :interrobang:

My issue was user error, I wasn’t exporting them from Soundswitch then Loading them into Prime DJ. I’m still using the Prime 4 and Prime Go but gave up on denon prime software and sound switch